Sunday, June 12, 2016


Portland Oregon’s Whiskey Achievers stir up bluegrass, old-school country and whiskey-soaked acoustic punk into a sweaty, boot-stompin’, energetic live performance. Rowdy, charged-up anthems pave the way for creepy waltzes, soggy sing-alongs and even a tender ballad or two. Equally at home in a dimly lit bar, busking on the street corner, or playing a big summer festival, the Whiskey Achievers have all the fixins’ for one hell of a great show.

My Bad Luck is the debut album for Portland, Oregon's Whiskey Achievers. Some may call it Old-School Country, some may call it Bluegrass, Irish Music or even Acoustic Punk.

01 - Maryanne
02 - My Bad Luck
03 - Gravity And Time
04 - Santa Ana
05 - Overboard
06 - Nothing Left To Hide
07 - La Conchita
08 - Lies As Truth
09 - Sweet Talkin' Man
10 - Met The Devil
11 - You Were A Star
12 - The Traveler

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