Thursday, July 21, 2016

Introducing... The Speedlights

"A mix of The Raspberries Power Pop Sound mixed with the Revival Mod/New Wave bands from England in the late 70's." - Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More, Sweden

The Speedlights outta Denton, Texas, power pop rock n roll tunes. Dwayne Ray (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Prisk (Drums/Lead Vocals on "Amy (Tonight)"), and Tony Greene (Bass/Vocals) used to play music together back in what? 1992? Well, they've finally all gotten back together and added in the famous Jess Boyer (Guitar) the UPS driver for maximum on time delivery for some extra jangle.

Dwayne and Josh had discussed one day their mutual love of power pop and how more recent groups (1990s+) seemed to not have that 70's edge of the early groups and decided to get back to writing tunes again along with their old friend Tony and see if they could bring that edge.

They play original tunes that are in the vein of Big Star, The Cars, Cheap Trick, and The Ramones. They recently self-released their first EP and have received local air play, inclusion on several podcasts, as well as air time in Sweden and the UK. They are planning to record their first full length later this year.

"This Denton, TX quartet’s debut EP shines like a Texas Ranger badge reflecting the sun at noontime. Simple, catchy power pop songs about love and girls with Big Star style quiet hooks that like a jumping cactus needle, have got a hold of you before you even realize it. Aside from having graduated summa cum laude from the Alex Chilton School of Guitar Licks, The Speedlight’s tunes are lightly dusted with a Tom Petty/Bruce Springsteen/John Fogerty everyman/working class type of charm to them. Great stuff from these newcomers, I predict their next records will only keep getting better and better as they hone their skills and gel together even more as a band. Can’t wait!"  – J Castro, AudioAmmunition

"Six tracks of damn near perfect pop which hints at many sub-flavors while still retaining a unique musical identity. Every song is so chock full of hooks I cannot recall a batch of songs this side of the Exploding Hearts that are more potent in this regard." – Garrett Barnwell, Razorcake Magazine

“These guys coulda’ come from New Yawk back in the day with their style of garage pop - shades of The Velvets, The Boyfriends, early Richard Hell and the like permeate their pop-inflected songs.” Kool Kat Musik, New Jersey

01 I'm Still Waiting
02 Gotta Get Back To You
03 Amy (Tonight)
04 I Feel You Coming On
05 Northern Star
06 She's A Rebel

Released December 11, 2015

This debut EP is a quite good folks and a worthy addition to your music collection, you can purchase the self-titled EP from either of the links listed below, and with your help, we can bring back the power of Pop and Roll to the peoples!

Digital Album $4 USD or more / CD Gatefold + Digital Download $5 USD or more
Digital Album $5 USD / CD $6 USD

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