Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lasers Lasers Birmingham Release Great New EP 'Royal Blue'

Lasers Lasers Birmingham is the brainchild of indie band, Vanish Valley keyboardist, Alex Owen. Royal Blue is LLB’s 2nd EP and it walks the line between classic country and contemporary wry wit.

Take the laid back, disaffected, self-referential ennui that hangs thick in the smog of Los Angeles and combine it with the classic swoon of pedal-steel straight from the heart of The Ozarks and you’ll start to approach the foundations of Lasers Lasers Birmingham, the new project from former Vanish Valley multi-instrumentalist Alex Owen.

“LLB just released a four-track EP titled, Royal Blue, which makes me think they will be the next band to watch. Smooth, beautiful harmonies meet country roots, if you will. Don’t miss it. It is smo-o-oth.”—Bob Segarini music blog

“His new EP, Royal Blue, the follow-up to the 2014 self-titled EP, features some very cool country and folk music with something of a 1970s country rock vibe at times…. These tracks are all original tunes, written by Alex Owen. And all four are really strong.”—Michael’s Music Log

"Thoughtful lyrics and a stellar blend of classic influences and modern edginess will make you hunger for far more than the wonderful four tracks here."--Music Morsels

“…if you have half an interest in roots music or Americana, it’s almost impossible to not find something to like.  ‘Royal Blue’ is one of 2016’s most welcome surprises.”—Real Gone Rocks

01 - Royal Blue
02 - Hard Man To Please
03 - Shedd Aquarium
04 - Any Way You Slice It

“This is one great EP folks and you should do yourselves a favour and purchase it come July 22…”—The Dog’s Space

"Ozark native Alex Owen brings to life a short collection of songs that captures present day themes coupled with a 70’s country, laid back California vibe... Royal Blue is awash in modern day storytelling that retains true, traditional country sensibilities. Give it a listen."--Daily Country

“With a gently, easygoing, loping vibe running through it, this EP displays a modern Americana sensibility that you aren’t really sure where it lands but it’s somewhere between the classic college coffeehouse and the one of today.  This is how Firefall and Dan Fogelberg would probably sound today, with a soupcon of Michael Murphey thrown in.”—Midwest Record

“Lasers Lasers Birmingham is the musical moniker of a country psych artist from Los Angeles, Alex Owen. “Warning” is a catchy, well-put together song that reminds me of a cross between the spacey canyon jams of Beachwood Sparks and the bouncy pop of, say, Bishop Allen. Lasers Lasers Birmingham are a welcome new addition to the Ball of Wax consortium, I’ll be on the lookout for more of their work.”—Ball of Wax

This 4 track EP is criminally short and is a worthy addition to your music collection, so what are you waiting for, extract thy digit and head on over to one of the fine on-line stores listed below and purchase your copy. You will not be disappointed!!

CD Baby

You can still get the 2 track self-titled EP for name your price download from here.

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