Saturday, July 2, 2016

SLACK BASTARDS [2016] Slacks A.D.

Slack Bastards was conceived in 1993 in California. After a few line up changes and and a long hiatus, Scot decided to resurrect the band in Tucson. With local Musicians, Travis, Chris and James he found a full line up to continue where he left off. With a release on My Dad Hits Me Records under their belt and an upcoming show opening up for the Dwarves they are heading to the studio to record some classic tracks as well as some new ones.

Scot - Vocals
Travis - Guitar
Chris - Drums
James - Bass

For full bio:

This is a posthumous release of the original line up. The trax are straight live and were never intended to be released. But they figured what the heck, they are back and they wanted to let you all know where it all began.

01 Phone The Ambulance
02 Sin Alley
03 Hot Rod City
04 Drive-In Love Affair
05 I Don't Wanna
06 Sometime In June

You can purchase this great slab of Old-School Punk-Rock just like I did from here for $2 USD or more and help support nekrodad's band.

And here's a few YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure:

Drive In Love Affair (Old Band)

Sin Alley (Rehearsal - New Band)

Swiney (Acoustic - Scot & Travis)


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