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"The guys in the band are probably really affable dudes who like a beer or two before re-watching The Evil Dead." - Wallace Wylie Collapse Board

Undead Apes are a punk band with feeling...

A feeling like a chainsaw through the guts! Their savage thumping and aggressive guitar rhythms are reminiscent of the Hard-Ons with a hard on. Forming in Brisbane Australia during 2003, they have been touring and playing now for almost 15 years and are now at the forefront of Brisbane punk.

1. [2010] Grave Consequences

01 Eat Yr Brain
02 Everyday
03 Lobotomy
04 Taxes
05 The Thing
06 ESP
07 Bitter
08 Brain Sell
09 True Love
10 Jason
11 Hypothermia

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2. [2011] Killed By Deaf

01 Brain Drain
02 Death Can Wait
03 Knuckledraggin Skulls
04 Filibuster
05 Hot For Creature
06 Ampersand's Turd
07 Executive Relief
08 Lost In Space
09 Omega Man
10 Radioactive
11 Stamp Out Thatcher
12 Serotonin Shogun
13 Baby I'm Undead
14 Walking Grudge

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3. [2013] Pick Your King EP

01 99 Lead Balloons
02 Bryan Ferry
03 Teenage Sleeper Agent
04 Rhetorical Cats
05 Bitter Guy (UK Surf)

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4. [2016] Landfill

Well most bands would probably do a whole lot of promo, maybe release a teaser track, hint at something coming etc etc before releasing a new album, but not this band! New Undead Apes album Landfill is ready to be gotten now. Landfill will only be made available on CASSETTE and as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Analogue hiss or digital tinniness – the choice is yours!

LANDFILL sees UNDEAD APES laying bare the false dichotomies at the heart of rock'n'roll by being both smarter AND stupider, uglier AND prettier, punker AND unpunker than ever before. Brutal riffs and breakneck tempos or heartfelt love songs and catchy melodies? BOTH! Shouted monosyllabic gibberish or treatises on the inherent redundancy of masculinity? BOTH!

LANDFILL also touches on such time-honoured lyrical themes as astrophysics, recreational use of embalming fluid, tofu, communist brainwashing of youth via rock'n'roll, and affairs of the heart.

01. _
02. Funeral Home
03. Teenage Sleeper Agent
04. Get Low
05. Brain Disease
06. TxOxFxU
07. 99 Lead Balloons
08. Rhetorical Cats
09. Pluto's Not A Planet Anymore
10. Last Time
11. Bummer Vibes
12. Girl In Town
13. Bitter Guy
14. The Peachy Method
15. Planet Dumb

Pre-Order Landfill Limited Edition Cassette! $10 AUD or more

Get the download now! Cassette ships on or around the 11th of August 2016.

Pre-Order Landfill Limited Edition Cassette! Pickup at Sonic Masala! $10 AUD or more

SAVE $2.00 in postage! Get the download now! Pick up your Landfill cassette at SONIC MASALA FEST 2016 at Club Greenslopes, Brisbane on Saturday August 13 and save yourself $2 in postage.

See more about the event here.

Digital Album! $7 AUD or more

Released June 14, 2016


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