Saturday, September 3, 2016

A DAY WITHOUT LOVE Releases Great New Album 'SOLACE'

A Day Without Love has existed in many forms. Started as a solo act by frontman Brian Walker during his college years, the music took on the shape of a full-band when Walker collaborated with Philadelphia producer Jake Detwiler in 2013. The resulting debut EP, "Island", was a sharp contrast from the mellow acoustic musings that Walker had leaned on in the past - it was aggressive, grungy, and energetic.

This new 13-song LP though, covers Walker’s experience coming to terms “with things I no longer tolerate,” he says.

There’s a point in life where you decide what you can take with you, and what you should leave behind; Solace is about that point. “It’s about things I’m growing comfortable with, about finding comfort in your suffering,” he says.

The album is stripped down and raw, Walker punctuating jangling guitars with darkly honest musings on the nature of suffering and the feeling of walking away. “I want to find my capacity to take it all and spit it out,” he belts out on Capacity.

The Philly-based artist covers topics like loneliness and racism (his grandmother’s take on racism in America is featured on “I Hope It Ends”), but also redemption, of turning away to find strength and comfort in himself: “Then I started to face my fears,” he sings on Green. “That’s when things got real weird.”

01. Joseph
02. Green
03. Solace
04. Heart
05. Cruel
06. It Hurts
07. Constantly Ignored
08. I Hope It Ends One Day
09. Capacity
10. Too Fast
11. Never Judge
12. They Don't Want Us To Live
13. Persistence

This is a great album folks with well crafted tunes that ensure repeat listens and is indeed a worthy addition to your music collection, you will not be disappointed, I know I wasn't, and you can purchase 'Solace' either as Digital Album or Compact Disc from here or here.

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