Saturday, October 29, 2016


Roland Kay-Smith is a Sydney-based songwriter and musician. He has performed with bands Smitty & B. Goode, Roland K Smith & the Sinners, and Walrus, with whom he won triple j’s Unearthed. As a solo artist, Roland has released two EPs, one album and one single, and has performed at venues across Australia, as well as in London and New York.

1. [2008] Roland K Smith

01 Someone Else
02 The Routine Blues
03 Ya Go On
04 I'll Write You In The Morning
05 Too Many Times

44.52 Mb

2. [2012] Blue And Green

01 Dirt Farmer Blues
02 I'm Leaving Town
03 A Song To You
04 Blue Collar Blues

24.57 Mb

3. [2015] Sailing By The Stars

01 Lay Me Down
02 I Lost Her To The Ocean
03 Marylou, I See You Too
04 Morning Light
05 Fire On The Mountain
06 Sydney Harbour Bridge
07 There Goes The Sun
08 I've Learned To Live Without You Now
09 Bring My Body Home
10 Come In Spinner

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4. [2015] Oxazepam

01 Oxazepam

4.73 Mb

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