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Uncle Ben’s Remedy is a hometown band that doesn’t fit into a single musical slot. Their unique sound is rooted in the tiny hamlet of Versailles where community still matters and music is a part of every event. Three of the five band members learned to play and sing in this small town atmosphere, giving their music the honest, back porch feel of the country music they love.

Uncle Ben’s Remedy is Ben Westlund, singer and guitarist; Harmony Griffin, guitar, banjo and mandolin; Shawn Huestis, piano, accordion, fife, vocals and more; Brendan O’Connor, upright bass; and Jimmy Royce, drums and vocals.

Ben, Harmony and Jimmy grew up hanging out at family band practices, soaking in the sounds of the Allman Brothers, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Merle Haggard. Even today, every family party ends in a big traditional sing along, often with Ben and Harmony’s grandmother taking the lead.

 “We sort of took the long way home” laughs Westlund when talking about UBR. “We all paid our dues in rock bands while coming up”, he adds. This rock and roll background is quite evident in Uncle Ben’s live show and the audience reaction. “It’s sort of like the old time country, says Jimmy; “that rock and roll energy kind of gets in your blood and it ain’t easy getting out.”

“We knew what we needed to put some honky tonk and get this band moving”, says Harmony. “We knew Shawn was the best piano player around. The fact that he played 27 other instruments was a nice surprise. There was no way we could do this without an upright bass player. I knew Brendan from a punk band we used to play in and I knew he could sort of hold his liquor.” Shawn later admits “to be honest, after one practice, we knew he was the guy and basically kidnapped him”

They released their debut record, “Yesterday’s Clothes,” in 2014 featuring music written by Ben and recorded at Robbie Goo’s GRC Studios. The first single; Little Devils has been featured on 107.7 Alternative Buffalo and gained airplay on several other Western New York radio stations. “Yesterday’s Clothes” themes include leaving home (with a nod to Dr. Seuss), the evils of moonshine and the refrain, “the grass is always greener where you fertilize.”

UBR won the summer 2014 Battle of the Bands at the Canalside Concert Series in Buffalo that earned them an opening slot for Lake Street Dive. The guys also opened for Artimus Pyle and have played at Nietzsche’s and the Sportsman Tavern in Buffalo, and Mickey Rat’s on Lake Erie.

For UBR, the magic happens when their blend of original songs and cover tunes bring audiences to their feet to dance and clap their hands. So join them, and bet you can’t resist stomping your feet and singing along. The band’s enthusiasm is contagious and at some point, you’ll realize you’ve stayed way too long!

Roots grow deep in fertile soil. This theme runs through all ten songs of Uncle Ben's Remedy's newest release "Not Far From The Tree."

Hailing from the upper fringes of Appalachia in Western New York, Uncle Ben's Remedy holds tight to the outlaw tradition of classic country while foot stomping through all the greatness that is Americana. 

In this latest effort, these WNY hillbillies explore the delicious ills of moonshining, dive into the water holes of the mighty Cattaraugus Creek, and pull up stumps to warm themselves by the fire in the field. New listeners as well as fans of the band's first EP release "Yesterday's Clothes will surely find comfort in the back woods storytelling and instrumentation, while "Not Far From The Tree" expands on the band's formula with refreshing and unexpected space and depth.

For more information on the band, their music, and their upcoming antics, visit their website, like them on Facebook, or raise your glasses with them at a Honky Tonk near you!

1. [2014] Yesterday's Clothes

01 - Pedal To The Metal
02 - Okay With Fighting
03 - Trouble In Getting Home
04 - 'shine Is Delicious
05 - Little Devils
06 - Squirrel
07 - Drinking Man
08 - Here's To You

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2. [2016] Not Far From The Tree

01 - Fire In The Field
02 - Money
03 - Cut My Losses
04 - These Beds (feat. Katie Clark)
05 - The Old Apple Tree (feat. Ruth Westlund)
06 - Bootlegger
07 - Black Rock
08 - Nothing To Wait For
09 - Too Dumb
10 - Zoar Valley
11 - Cats

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