Thursday, May 26, 2016

SquidHat Records & Punks In Vegas: Locals Only! A Las Vegas Punk Rock Bowling Compilation (2016)

A collection of great local Las Vegas bands playing at Punk Rock Bowling 2016.

01 - The Damnit Jims - Not Your Enemy
02 - Be Like Max - Wasted Days
03 - The Negative Nancys - Headsick
04 - Rayner - Dreameter
05 - Franks & Deans - Ain't That A Kick In The Head
06 - The Damnit Jims - Out Of Luck
07 - Rayner - Yea, So What
08 - The Negative Nancys - Mean Girl
09 - Rayner - Son Of A Salesman
10 - Franks & Deans - Lady Is A Tramp

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

CUSTODY [2015] Self Titled 7"

The band plays breezy 90s style punk for fans of Samiam etc, and features members of other Finnish bands including NHL 95, Cigarette Crossfire, Cause A Riot, Bazed & Buried At Last.

01 - Stitches Are All We Have
02 - Miles Apart

Name Your Price Download/CD For €6 Or More
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rotting Obscene Release Killer Debut Album 'Depths Of Decay'

Jonathan Fralick: Guitar/Vocals, Chris Hylton: Drums, Andrew Mathews: Bass, Eric Conrad: Guitar/Vocals

Death Metal from SW Virginia influenced by furious blast beats, complex riffing and relentless vocals.

Rotting Obscene was formed in March 2010. They combine elements from all of their very different backgrounds and appreciation of playing music to come together as one entity.

01 Audient Void
02 Cataclysmic Advent
03 Depths Of Decay
04 Nightmares Of The Forlorn
05 The Awakening
06 Paths Of Deception
07 Abhorrent Reprisal
08 Temporal Diminishment
09 Metamorphic Transcendence
10 Absence Of Light
11 Warstorm
12 Defacing Divinity

"The technicality Rotting Obscene display here is pretty impressive, they know how and when to shred and when to open the song up and let it breathe... they also know how to kick your ass, borrowing from the Suffocation school of groove filled beatdown to gnarly effect; choosing to crush the listener with style rather than some mindless, single string doo-doo slam." Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder / Metal Injection

This is one great debut album folks, all killa no filla and a must have for any serious metalhead!!

Digital Album $9.99 USD or more
CD $9.99 USD with free US shipping

NOT SCIENTISTS [2016] Leave Stickers On Our Graves - Maxi Edition

Thibault Wildcard: Bass, Bizale Le Bazile: Drums, Jim Jim: Guitar/Vox, Ed Scientist: Guitar/Vox

French Punk Rock / Indie band with members of Uncommonmenfrommars & No Guts No Glory.

When Uncommonmenfrommars decided to take a break, Jim and Ed decided to start a new band or their girlfriends would make them get real jobs. They asked Le Bazile (No Guts No Glory) to play drums, and for some reason he said yes. At this point they would have been a kickass trio but Jim decided to throw a wrench in the works and play guitar. Luckily, they found a big guy who would be perfect for making sure they got paid at the end of the night, and he also happens to play bass.

They sought to boldly blaze musical trails that had already been well traveled by Toys That Kill, One Man Army, Superchunk, and a lot of other bands with way cooler names.

What you get here is the first 2 sold out vinyl EPs + 1 bonus unreleased song all on a solid green 180g 12" vinyl.

01 Wrong Side Of The Highway
02 Evil Seed
03 I Don't Feel So Crazy
04 Coughing Blood
05 Shoplifter
06 No Third Chances
07 Leave Stickers On Our Graves
08 I Wanna Be A Spaceship
09 Precision Auto
10 Destroy To Rebuild

Tracks 01 - 06: Leave Stickers On Our Graves 12" (Jan 2014)
Tracks 07 - 09: Leave Stickers On Our Graves 7" (Sept 2014)
Track 10 is the bonus unreleased song which isn't on the 2014 debut album "Destroy To Rebuild"

180g Green Vinyl Price: €10

The Maxi Edition is also available as a name your price download from here or here

The 12" is also available as either a name your price download or CD for €6 or more, and you can get the 7" for name your price download as well.

Also their debut album "Destroy To Rebuild" can be ordered in CD and LP versions directly from KICKING RECORDS!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

CUSTODY [2016] Blistered Soul / Whatever We Decide 7"

If you don't know Custody yet, do yourself a huge favour and check them out. Custody are from Finland and they sound like 90's Samiam and other 90's emotional punk rock bands. - Shield Recordings

01 Blistered Soul
02 Whatever We Decide

Name Your Price Download
7" Coloured Vinyl Price: €6.00

Friday, May 20, 2016

Volymian Release Awesome Debut Album 'Maze Of Madness'

Robert Leksis: Keyboards, Timo Mikkonen: Guitar, Petri Hampinen: Bass, Markku Kuikka: Vocals, Ville Velasco: Drums, Juha Räisänen: Guitar

Finnish modern metallers, Volymian, released their debut album, ‘Maze Of Madness’, worldwide on April 15th via Canadian label Maple Metal Records.

Volymian was founded in 2008, and the band went through various member changes before settling down with the sextet that recorded ‘Maze Of Madness’. Most recently, vocalist Markku Kuikka (Status Minor, The Ragged Saints, Kenziner) joined the band in 2015 for the new album. Previously the band had recorded 3 EPs with a different vocalist.

‘Maze Of Madness’ was recorded at Artlab Studio, Helsinki, Finland and produced by Volymian. The album was mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Primal Fear, Epica, Amaranthe) in Denmark. Jacob Hansen shares his comments on the album: "Volymian is great! I’m very impressed with the performances and song writing. Excellent stuff they’ve got going."

The album cover artwork was designed by Satu Velasco.

Track List:

01 Breathe
02 Line Of Fire
03 Inside Out
04 Under A Million Stars
05 Maze Of Madness
06 Empty Room
07 Damnation Of Love
08 Ring
09 Indifferent
10 Wasted Years

Volymian will take the stage this Northern Summer at a few Metal & Hard Rock festivals in Finland, details of which have yet to be announced.

This is one awesome debut, all killer no filler, and a must have for any serious metalhead, you will be doing yourselves a huge disservice by not having this great slab of music in your collection.

Volymian Video Playlist can be viewed here, if these videos can't convince you to purchase this awesome album, you don't know shit from clay.

And for those who do, you can purchase 'Maze Of Madness' from any of the following:

Maple Metal Records

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sedate Illusion Release Great New Album "Glass Illusion"

Corfu, Greece-based progressive experimental metal band Sedate Illusion have released a great follow-up to "What Remains" with the new album "Glass Illusion". With melodic outbursts, complex measures, lyrical heavenly parts with choirs and synths combined with heavy guitar riffs together with an astonishing rhythm section all make for one great album and a must have for any fan of prog metal. "Glass Illusion" will not disappoint and is a worthy addition to your collection!!

Available digitally from the following:

CD Baby

Or you can order the CD sending an email to or message them on their Facebook page!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Lasers Lasers Birmingham To Release New EP "Royal Blue" July 22

Take the laid back, disaffected, self-referential ennui that hangs thick in the smog of Los Angeles and combine it with the classic swoon of pedal-steel straight from the heart of The Ozarks and you’ll start to approach the foundations of Lasers Lasers Birmingham, the new project from former Vanish Valley multi-instrumentalist Alex Owen.

Imagine a classic sawdust honky tonk populated with cowboy boot clad, line dancing locals tipping their hats to check their latest Snapchat messages. This is the intersection of cultures at which Owen’s new Royal Blue EP begins, but make no mistake; this is plain speaking country music. Having toured the west coast, and headlined such coveted LA venues as The Troubadour, The Echo, and The Satellite, Alex Owen is a seasoned Americana storyteller with a gilded voice. Honing his skills in past projects like Vanish Valley and We Fear The Bees, Owen has taken center stage, evoking contemporary Los Angeles life through the lense of his Springfield, Missouri upbringing. With Hammond organ, steel guitar, and barn-burning swagger, Lasers Lasers Birmingham brings to mind Waylon Jennings and Sturgill Simpson, with the smooth influence of Neil Young and the modern wit of Father John Misty.

Alex was inescapably drawn to the guitar during his college years in Missouri, soloing for kicks with his friends. He found himself playing folk rock in the deserts of Phoenix, and ultimately followed the call of the west coast to Los Angeles where he settled with his wife Soraya.

Lasers Lasers Birmingham’s first EP, released 2014, was a self-distributed, eponymous cassette on which Owen played all the instruments except the drums. The tone of the project was honed on the rough edges of LA’s lonely barrooms and plastic scene— the town didn’t know it was itself inspiring a new release. “People don’t go to shows because they love the band. They go because they love themselves— How the band makes them feel.” As Owen labored in the dark amid LA’s ironic beards and big floppy hats, the seed of his second release was born.

The title track Royal Blue laments lost love over classic steel guitar and twinkling country piano, but does so using the extended metaphor of an Instagram filter. 70’s classic Americana is both evoked and subverted in Hard Man To Please as twangy guitars duel over a swaggering dance number. Shedd Aquarium’s solid punch of a snare is the heart beat that carries a swelling, stadium-swaying ode to a day of debauchery which is guaranteed to arrest the listener. Any Way You Slice It confronts the pathetic routine of addiction while showcasing the songwriter at his most spare— Just a musician, his guitar, and an aimless sorrow that knows no source nor destination. “Like any craftsman, I like making things other people can use,” says Owen, “As a carpenter would with a well-made chair, I want to make art that’s also highly functional.” With tracks playing on KCHUNG and other local radio stations, Owen built a following that has supported him through stints at LA country music mecca The Escondite, as well as appearances at The Lexington, Lot 1 and many others. “In LA pretty much no one has a penny for your thoughts. Music gives me a vehicle to communicate in a way I can’t in everyday life.” says Owen, looking up from a game of Candy Crush on his iPhone as a Hank Williams cover blasts from the band behind him at Sassafrass Lounge in LA. “It’s such a gift when a song feels like it was written just for you. I want to do that for other people.”

The Royal Blue EP features Alex Owen on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, “Mustang” Lang on keyboards, John Schreffler Jr on pedal steel & telecaster, Seb Bailey on bass, Mikey G on drums, and features the back up vocals of Jake Gideon who also produced and engineered the EP. - Jayk Gallagher Los Angeles 2016

This is one great EP folks and you should do yourselves a favour and purchase it come July 22, but in the meantime Alex has made the title track available for name your price download here.

You can also get the 2 track self-titled EP for name your price download here.

Robert Rex Waller Jr. To Release New Album "Fancy Free" July 1

One of California’s most prolific and profound songwriters is putting his writer’s pen aside and releasing an album of covers. Fancy Free, the new solo album from Robert Rex Waller Jr., summons works from brilliant obscure artists and icons of popular music alike, taking listeners into a soundscape of exuberance, heartache, and everything in between. It’s a place where the plaintive strummings of Daniel Johnston and Mike Stinson commingle with the visionary lyricism of Neil Young and Nina Simone, and with wonderfully off-kilter romps from the Oak Ridge Boys, The Hollies, and The Doors. These are songs you know, or will instantly feel you know, rendered entirely fresh and compelling. They hit you deep, make you grin wide, and often do both at once.

Waller is best known as the lead singer and a principal songwriter of I See Hawks In L.A., the singular Americana outfit that High Times called “the house band for a revolution that isn’t over yet,” and Dave Alvin has dubbed “one of California’s unique treasures.”  Over seven Hawks albums and a decade of touring, Waller’s deep voice and imaginative songwriting have reached far and wide.

Fancy Free is epic and kaleidoscopic in some whole new ways. It ranges from the sublime (The Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset” and Neil Young’s “Albuquerque”) to the delightfully bizarre (The Oak Ridge Boys’ title track). There are inventive trips to the crossroads of blues, jazz and country (Nina Simone’s “Don’t Pay ‘Em No Mind”) and some rocking throw-downs, including a propulsive take on Bob Dylan’s “She Belongs To Me,” which joins the few Dylan covers that, in their freshness and spark, truly do justice to the original.

Waller has been praised for his warm, instantly recognizable baritone, that croons and howls like Morrison on his ballsy cover of “Crystal Ship” and then swoops and soars on Cliff Edwards’ “Night Owl.” Waller’s take on Daniel Johnston’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances” takes the original’s fragile hymn and transforms it into a punk-infused gospel stomp, with his wife Katie joining in on the harmonies.

As always, Waller surrounds himself with top-tier musicians who also know how to help arrange and deeply animate a song. Key collaborator and producer Marc Doten (The Negro Problem, Stew, Double Naught Spy Car) contributes vocal harmonies, upright bass, and playful keyboard work. Colleagues from I See Hawks in L.A.—Paul Lacques on telecaster and lap steel, and drummers Anthony Lacques and Shawn Nourse—provide ethereal twang and some serious thump.  Jazz violinist Nora Germain is among several other players who add elegant flourishes. It’s only fitting that Side A closes with the piano touch of Robert Rex Waller Sr. on an ephemeral verse of “Amazing Grace.”

Fancy Free is the latest release from the Hawks’ label, Western Seeds Record Company, and fans of Waller and the Hawks’ unique California Country will also find plenty to savor on the album, including Willie Nelson’s “Me and Paul” and Utah Phillips’ “Walking Through Your Town in the Snow.” But here, the more traditional roots are wrapped in exquisite bursts of indie rock, jazz, punk, and 70’s psychedelia, for a grand collection that surprises and delights at every turn. - KG Music Press

You can purchase this great record come July 1 from here or you can pre-order here.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


01 - HANDSOME AND THE HUMBLES - Ballad Of Rose Thompson
02 - WAR PAINTED HORSES - No Justice
04 - LARRY HOOPER - Better Off With Me Gone
05 - CYNDI LAUPER - Detour (feat. Emmylou Harris)
07 - ZAKK WYLDE - Sleeping Dogs (feat. Corey Taylor)
09 - DAEMON CHILI - Boom Boom Boom
10 - THE DETONATORS (AUS) - Can't Wait To See You
11 - SUPERSUCKERS - Man On A Mission
12 - BOURBON CROW - Nature Boy (The Ballad Of Ric Flair)
13 - THE BOSSHOSS - Walking Away (feat. Rea Garvey)
16 - JOSH HARTY - Shiver In The Dark
17 - QUONA HUDSON - Spinning
18 - JIMMY PIZZITOLA - Fresh Water
19 - TRENT SUMMAR & THE NEW ROW MOB - The Beat Don't Ever Stop
20 - THE ELECTRIC BUFFALO - Road To The Cliff

103.99 Mb

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Elmo Karjalainen's Unintelligent Designs & Where We Belong Now Available As "Name Your Price"

Last weekend Elmo offered his first solo album, Unintelligent Designs, for a "pay what you want" sum. That meant you could grab it for free, or pay something. Loads of people took him up on the offer, and many paid something for the album. So the whole thing was a success.

As a result he's decided to make the offer permanent (for now at least), and see what happens. That way, more people get access to his music, since he knows many people have it tough financially, he makes more people happy, and it also translates into a bit of income on his side, which in turn supports his music making, and ensures he keeps releasing more music.

If you didn't already grab Unintelligent Designs, you can do so here:

He decided to also offer the acoustic album, Where We Belong, for the same kind of deal, and you can find that on Bandcamp as well here:

So head on over to Bandcamp and download two albums, and pay according to means, or whatever you feel like. He humbly asks that you pay something if you can. It all goes towards more music from him to you.

Monday, May 9, 2016


01 - THE BLACK SORROWS - Chained To The Wheel
02 - MEN AT WORK - Overkill
03 - SEX & SIN - Never Give An Inch
04 - THE CHURCH - The Unguarded Moment
05 - AUSTRALIAN CRAWL - The Boys Light Up
06 - KIM WILDE - Kids In America
07 - DIVINYLS - Science Fiction
08 - THE MODELS - Out Of Mind Out Of Sight
09 - FISCHER-Z - Song And Dance Brigade
10 - MARIONETTE - Nothin' But The Night
11 - RAPIDFIRE - Ready To Rumble
12 - LITA FORD - Out For Blood
13 - JAMES REYNE - Fall Of Rome
14 - AVENGERS - Thin White Line
15 - BOOHOOS - Getaway
16 - AL PERRY AND THE CATTLE - Shopping Mall Baby
18 - JOHN HIATT - Snake Charmer
19 - ROBERT PLANT - Tall Cool One
20 - TWO SAINTS - Long Gone Daddy

100.89 Mb

Shadow Windhawk "Cremation Garden" - A Review

With no doubt whatsoever Cremation Garden is in my view the best album Shadow Windhawk has created to date. The album opens with a slow burner of an intro, and then, wham, bang, you get five of the best Shock n' Roll (to paraphrase SW) tunes you'll hear thus far. With these five tunes he has absolutely nailed it with combining (in my view) the best elements of Horror Punk & Shock Rock to create such great songs of the like I've never heard before. More please. The album winds down with a beautifully done ballad and draws to a close with the outro. All in all one great album folks and you'll definitely be doing yourself a huge dis-service by not having it in your collection.

So take a walk through the Cremation Garden, discover eight new tales of death, love, sorrow and the madness of the human soul, and experience these sounds from beyond the mausoleum...

01. Intro: Cremation
02. Box Five
03. Curse Of Thorn
04. House Of Dark Shadows
05. Graveyard Shock n' Roll
06. Sleep
07. Mae
08. Outro: The Garden

These sounds from beyond the mausoleum are available in the following formats:

*Limited Edition 1st Pressing CD (300 only)

*Limited Edition 'Funeral Lily White' 12" Vinyl LP (200 only)
Item ships out on or around 01 October 2016

*Digital Album

Official Release Date: 21 May 2016


Saturday, May 7, 2016


01 - SHOVELS & ROPE - Strangers (feat. Inlaws)
02 - THE BLACK BULLET PROMISE - The Set Up (And Then It Was Time To Go)
04 - SON OF BITCH - Evil Mind
05 - THE BONES OF J.R. JONES - 13 Kinds
06 - CLUTTERBILLIES - Devil On My Back
11 - LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Mississippi Kid
12 - BOUND BY LAW - Clear Skies
13 - WILLIE SUGARCAPPS - The Highway Breaks My Heart
14 - THE HANGING STARS - Cure Your Ills
15 - THE YAWPERS - Beale Street
16 - THE JAYHAWKS - The Dust Of Long-Dead Stars
17 - STURGILL SIMPSON - Call To Arms
18 - DYRTY BYRDS - State Of Grace
19 - TIN HORN PRAYER - Moonshiner

105.71 Mb

Friday, May 6, 2016

Elmo Karjalainen's First Of Two Q&A Videos

Here's the first of two Q&A videos (second one coming later).
This first video is just general questions, while the next one will be about playing.
This one turned into a long thing, over 2 hours.
For official website, visit

The Attack's "Four Of A Kind" Flexi Is Now On Sale! + Free 4 Track Sampler

The Attack brings punk back to basics: short, fast riffing songs about the social, music, and media driven politics of today. Formed by Charlie Bender, one-time frontman for the Orlando, Florida-based ska-punk band Spitvalves, and his partner in the acclaimed screen printing company Enemy Ink, Brad Palkevich on guitar. The two are joined by bassist Mikey Cortes, and drummer Tito Esquiaqui. This quartet delivers the kind of vintage melodic hardcore street punk that will take true punkers right back to the days of CBGB's Sunday matinees. The Attack is ruled by a DIY ethos and driven by a goal to re-unite punks and skins and hardcore kids under the same underground flag.

Paper + Plastick are excited to announce that this brand new flexi disc single is now available, and is ready to ship. You can snag your copy on their webstore!

As a friendly reminder, You can get a FREE download of selected songs from The Attack's discography here. You won't be bummed.

Paper + Plastick and Rare Breed Recording Co.'s Spring/Summer Sampler Is Now Available For Free Download

It's here! Paper + Plastick and Rare Breed Recording Co. have collaborated on this year's spring/summer sampler. It's packed full of rad tunes from both labels, and it's free. It doesn't get any sweeter than that!

Track Listing:

Paper + Plastick

01. Medictation - Memories Of Youth
02. Textbook - Outside
03. The Attack - Four Of A Kind
04. Break Anchor - First World Problems
05. Brogues - Heartbeat RPM
06. Fallen From The Sky - Rebuilder
07. The Bennies- Party Machine
08. MC LARS - Sublime With Rome (Is Not The Same As Sublime)

Rare Breed Recording Co.

01. The Slackers - By The Time I Get To Sleep
02. The Pomps - Downbeat Diner
03. Vic Ruggiero - Heroes
04. Matt Embree - Dehumanizer
05. Obi Fernandez - Don't Turn Away
06. Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra - Monkey Ska
07. Chris DeMakes - Wasted Years
08. Brooklyn Attractors - Green Mango

You can find it here for free download!

S.O.P.H.I.E Charity Album Being Released By Coffee Jingle Records On May 27th.

Coffee Jingle Records is releasing a compilation album in aid of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, due for release Friday May 27th. This features Cradle Of Filth, Arch Enemy, Delain, Devilment, Vice Squad, Die So Fluid, Evil Scarecrow, Birdeatsbaby, and many more.

The murder of Sophie Lancaster occurred in the United Kingdom in 2007. The victim, along with her boyfriend, was attacked by a number of males in their mid-teens while walking through Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Rossendale, in Lancashire.

Coffee Jingle Records are proud to announce they are releasing a Charity album in aid of The S.O.P.H.I.E Lancaster Foundation, which is being released Friday May 27th, but available to Pre-Order now as a digital copy and a CD and Artwork, with all proceeds going to the charity. This album is a mixture of alternative music. The album is aimed to create awareness and funds to help support the charity to achieve their aims.

The aims and objectives of the Charity are as follows:

*To create a lasting legacy to Sophie.
*To provide educational group-works that will challenge the prejudice and intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures.
*To campaign to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from alternative subcultures or Lifestyle and Dress.

Full Tracklist:

01. Naomi Rush – Curious Breed
02. Cradle Of Filth - Blackest Magick In Practise
03. Arch Enemy – You Know My Name
04. Delain – We Are The Others
05. Devilment – Summer Arteries
06. Die So Fluid – What A Heart Is For
07. BirdEatsBaby – The Bullet
08. Evil Scarecrow - Flight of the Dragons
09. DiElle – Sapphire Tears
10. There Is No Us – Angels Face
11. Dead Happy – This Fine Art Of Making Ghosts
12. LeapFrogTown – Fear
13. Vice Squad – Little Red Gloves
14. The Dead Soul Communion - My Beautiful Mistake
15. First Wave – All Bleed Red
16. Brassick – Same Sound
17. Hawka – Ballad
18. Bigfoot – The Other Side Of Paradise
19. Between Waves – PaperChain
20. Voodoo Diamond – Standing In The Rain
21. Silas – Negative One
22. System Of Hate - Insanity
23. Ravenous – Alone
24. The Amplifires – Grace And Danger
25. Shotgun 21 – Sinister Sister

Digital copies are £7, Double CD Album £10 (Free P and P in the UK) and 8 x 8 limited edition prints are £5 (Free P and P in the UK) all available on Bandcamp.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


1. [2010] Faz Waltz

01 - Big Mouth
02 - Hello Mister
03 - Kingdom Of My Dreams
04 - Best Things Of History
05 - Toy Theatre
06 - Little Girl Star
07 - Never Stop
08 - Strong As I'm Tough
09 - No Fun In Love
10 - Diamond Dust
11 - Midnight Bar
12 - Take Me Back


2. [2011] Life On The Moon

01 - Love Limousine
02 - What Is The Word
03 - Get On Down
04 - Mr Sorrow
05 - Nice Bomb
06 - Never Let You Go
07 - Life On The Moon
08 - Teenage Monkey
09 - Lucky Man
10 - Friend Of A Nightmare
11 - I Long For You Love
12 - Marble Eyes

115.25 Mb