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Introducing... Muleskinner Jones 

"Country twang, lolloping boogie and Beefheartian astringency... may be the British Johnny Dowd." [The Independent]

"Sci-fi B movies soundtracked by gonzo country. Recommended. ****" [Q]

"Raw, visceral, brooding and quite unique..." [Maverick]

"My ears are too delicate for this monotone dirge. 3/10" []

Skunkworks recording artist est 1999. Self-released four LPs and two EPs to both critical acclaim and a critical hammering whilst holding down a day job and raising a family. Makes no money from this shit.

Likes music (a lot). Also likes movies, comics and video games. Draws and paints occasionally. Sometimes spotted flatpicking guitar (badly) at bluegrass sessions in the Bath/Bristol area.

1. [2002] Terrible Stories EP

01 How Come That Blood On Your Coat Sleeve?
02 Pretty Polly
03 Rose Connelly
04 Black Sheep Lullaby

2. [2004] Death Row Hoedown

01 Opening Theme
02 Death Row Hoedown
03 My Rented Room
04 Truckstop Funeral
05 So Long, Mary Jones
06 Come Inside, Stranger
07 Concrete Swamp
08 Untitled (Wee Willy Winky)
09 Closing Theme

3. [2007] Alcohol Tobacco Raygun?

01 Mr. Jones' Last Song
02 Death In Dixie
03 Drinking To Get Drunk
04 Mr. Jones vs Sun City
05 Mr. Jones Skips Town
06 Mr. Jones Gets Blissed
07 Alcohol Tobacco Raygun?
08 Blood & Muskets (At Wounded Knee)
09 Satan Is My Bitch
10 Her Desert Yard
11 Men With Knives
12 Blood & Muskets (Reprise)
13 Between God & The Bottle

4. [2008] Postcards From Deadeye EP

01 Gunslinger
02 Twisted, Sick And Bitter
03 Life's Not Fair
04 Three Horses Pig
05 All The Good Times (Are Past And Gone)

5. [2013] Episode One
(recording as ‘The Faceless Corporation’)

01 Rock 'n' Roll Idiot
02 A Coffin For A Mechanical Bird
03 The Building
04 The Day The Ships Came
05 The Accidental Lobotomy Of Phineas Gage
06 Slack
07 Smirk
08 Sludge
09 Taped
10 Union Carbide
11 Crime Scene

6. [2013] A Dying Man Can Sure Sing The Blues

01 Don't Open The Mail
02 A Dying Man Can Sure Sing The Blues
03 Black River Wood
04 Song Of The Rain
05 Too Many Horses (A True Story)
06 Bad Timing
07 The Homesick Soldier
08 Little Dead Riding Hood
09 Hour Of The Blood-Orchid
10 Mid-Life Misanthropy Blues

You can purchase all these good albums individually or you can do as I did and purchase all 6 releases for £13.60 GBP or more from here.

The Gashers Release Long Awaited Album "In Trust We Bleed"

The long awaited sophomore release from The Gashers, a 3-piece band from Nevada with deep roots in Vegas punk history, solid, dynamic chops, and some serious anger issues. Jason, Sandy and James helped form the iconic Peccadilloes in 2003, and, after releasing four full length CDs, playing countless sold-out shows and building a huge, loyal following they wanted to try something new.

In 2011, the three formed The Gashers and released their debut "Law Is Not Order" and in the process gave a fresh new voice to everything punk is supposed to be.

They are a visceral, angry, honest, ball of knives. They are the spit in the eye of conventional music and a powerful beer-breath of fresh air in a stale world of processed, auto-tuned, pre-packaged bullshit. They defy category and redefine DIY, all while holding true to their old school roots.

01 Paralyzed
02 Utopian Misery
03 Rusted Trust
04 Roadside War
05 Wasted Few
06 Right Handed Rights
07 Bender
08 Cannibalistic Cows
09 Andy Crews
10 Thicker
11 Man Or Monitor
12 Puked On
13 Tim Can
14 Curtains 

The in-your-face second release from Las Vegas punk icons: The Gashers! 14 all new tracks of pure, honest punk which you can purchase, and you should as it's one great album folks, from here if you want the limited edition blood spattered vinyl (only 500 copies pressed) or CD, and here if you only want the digital album.

To celebrate the release of In Trust We Bleed, The Gashers will perform the album, in it’s entirety, at a special CD Release show on Friday, July 1, 2016, at the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas.

Monday, June 20, 2016


01 - BLACK CLAW - The Lonely Stranger
02 - THE COWMEN - Ghost Who Haunts Me
03 - RAIL YARD GHOSTS - Flyin' Away
04 - MOONGRASS - You Can't Go Back
05 - WHISKEY ACHIEVERS - Lies As Truth
06 - SNAKEBEARD JACKSON - Bring Myself In
07 - MUDDY RUCKUS - The Roof
08 - MIGHTIEST OF GUNS - The Regrets Of Darkie Gardiner
09 - THE TURKEY BUZZARDS - Break In The Sky
10 - YARN - Life Is Weird
11 - AUSTIN LUCAS - Ain't We Free
12 - ROGUE VALLEY - Centralia, PA
13 - MISS LONELY HEARTS - Pastures Of Plenty
14 - SEAN K. PRESTON - Vengeance (EP Version)
15 - IRON RANGE OUTLAW BRIGADE - If You See Me Drinking Whiskey
16 - PINE STREET RAMBLERS - Broke Down Breakdown
17 - DEAD SOLDIERS - People Like You
18 - DOG BITE HARRIS - Way To Go
19 - SKI'S COUNTRY TRASH - Eternal Night
20 - MATTY JAMES - Cut With Dust

102.18 Mb

Direct Hit! Set To Release New Album "Wasted Mind" + RelEast Coast Tour Dates

L-R: Steve Maury - Bass/Vocals, Nick Woods - Guitar/Vocals, Devon Kay - Guitar/Vocals, Danny Walkowiak - Drums
Photo: Jessica Kaminski

Direct Hit! isn’t a punk band so much as a collection of pureed grey matter.

But this summer – with the help of Fat Wreck Chords – the Milwaukee-based group will make those mushy brains useful by releasing Wasted Mind: an 12 track concept album inspired by the warped sensibilities of such savage works as Burroughs’ Naked Lunch and Thompson’s Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Produced by All-American Rejects guitarist Mike Kennerty, Wasted Mind follows a cast of drug-addled, medicated and insane characters who check in and out of reality with reckless abandon. Singer/Guitarist/Lyricist Nick Woods says the record is less about chemical abilities and handicaps and more about identity, consciousness and relativity.

“We wrote songs for Wasted Mind that could easily be construed as straightedge anthems, and others that seem to encourage permanent brain-melting as a weekend activity,” he explains. “It’s more of a cautionary tale – ‘Yeah, this whole other world opens up when you start fucking with your own perception. But how does that affect your relationship with people locked in the reality you’ve left behind? Does seeing the world in a different way than everybody else make you a deserved outcast… regardless of how good it makes you feel or the joy you bring to the world as a result?’”

“I hadn’t really experimented with drugs until some time in the last couple years. Having approached that horizon later than most who ever do, it’s easy for me to see how so many people have realized such amazing ideas with the use of mind-altering chemicals and plants. But it’s also easy to see why a lot of those people descend into madness and ruin.”

Since 2007, Direct Hit! has produced their own share of mind-altering substances, which includes more than just a couple full-length albums, a pile of 7" records and dozens of demos for crowds on the internet. They’ve created a volume of web comics, a hot sauce brand and more than 15 music videos, most of which contstruct 2013’s acclaimed Brainless God: An irreverent, apocalyptic musical short film that pulled together a narrative hinged on the existential crises of a serial killer, a vengeful loner, a doomsday cult and other miscreants as they await the bomb dropping to end the world.

Somehow, between writing, rehearsing, recording, producing, promoting a series of DIY shows in their hometown and plowing through the doldrums of real life, the band has also managed to travel the U.S. and Europe several times over, touring and sharing stages with the likes of Rise Against, Naked Raygun, The Lawrence Arms, Dillinger Four, Good Riddance, Off With Their Heads, Masked Intruder, PEARS and a laundry list of others. You’d almost think the group was cheating the universe with a time machine. And then you remember that if there’s a band that’s maniacal and hard-working enough to invent one, it’d be Direct Hit!. sourced:

01 - A Message To Young People
02 - Artificial Confidence
03 - Forced To Sleep
04 - Paid In Brains
05 - Promised Land
06 - Hospital For Heroes
07 - Was It The Acid?
08 - Another Dimension
09 - Bleach Music
10 - Infinite Pills, Infinite Alcohol
11 - Villain Alcoholic
12 - Do The Sick

The new album "Wasted Mind" comes out on June 24 and you can pre-order it from the Fat Wreck Chords site.

Wasted Mind RelEast Coast Tour Dates

All dates w/ Pkew Pkew Pkew + Problem Daughter

July 7 - Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club
July 8 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Pharmacy
July 9 - Boston, MA @ Cambridge Elks
July 10 - Brooklyn, NY (All-Ages Matinee) @ Shea Stadium
July 11 - Trenton, NJ @ Mill Hill Basement
July 12 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
July 13 - Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar
July 14 - Manhattan, NY @ Fat Baby
July 15 - Buffalo, NY @ Leopard Lounge at Town Ballroom
July 16 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club

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Elmo Karjalainen's Album 4 On Its Way And A New Video

As you may or may not know Elmo is making his fourth album. This one's going to be electric again. If you want to read about the making of it so far, you can do so in this blog post.

The blog post also includes two of his guests doing their solo bits. Quite nice. He also reveals who the other two guests on the record are, so have a look (and feel free to spread the word).

He also recently released a new video "The Smile In Her Eyes".

On an unrelated note, He's been having a “pay what you want” thing going with his albums over at Bandcamp.

That’s going to change once the new album comes out, as will the situation with “The Free Guitar Album”. So if you don’t happen to have “The Free Guitar Album”, you can still get it at and if you’re missing one of his other albums, you can still get them at Bandcamp for a “pay what you want” sum.


From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Prava Sessions was a web based video series that featured live in-studio performances by incredible artists. Every performance was captured live, expertly mixed and mastered--but completely unpolluted by studio trickery. Every recording is 100% Auto-tune free!

Chris Rattie And The Brush Valley Rumblers perform live on Prava Sessions, here you'll get all 5 songs they recorded--including one that didn't make it into the episode.

Released January 15, 2015

01 - So Long
02 - 3 AM
03 - A Little Shotglass From Spain
04 - Hotel By The Highway
05 - The Way It's Got To Be

50.93 Mb

AMERICAN PINUP [2015] The Prava Sessions

From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Prava Sessions was a web based video series that featured live in-studio performances by incredible artists. Every performance was captured live, expertly mixed and mastered--but completely unpolluted by studio trickery. Every recording is 100% Auto-tune free!

Westchester New York's American Pinup braved the snow, ice and freezing cold to perform on Prava Sessions in the winter of 2015. It was a great session, featuring some of their most popular songs--as well as a live recording of their brand new tune "The Radio".

Released April 21, 2015

01 - The Radio
02 - Storm Chaser
03 - Shelter
04 - Strange Creatures
05 - No One Dies

49.06 Mb

A BROOD OF VIPERS [2015] The Prava Sessions

From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Prava Sessions was a web based video series that featured live in-studio performances by incredible artists. Every performance was captured live, expertly mixed and mastered--but completely unpolluted by studio trickery. Every recording is 100% Auto-tune free!

Philadelphia's A Brood Of Vipers delivered a blistering performance for Prava Sessions. Here you'll get all the songs from the session, even the one that wouldn't fit into the episode.

Released April 23, 2015

01 - Ghosts Of Bedlam
02 - In Static Tongue
03 - Glass Houses
04 - Wicked World
05 - Mechanical

33.84 Mb

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Yuppie Pricks are a five-piece punk rock band from Austin, Texas. They "deal in reverse psychology punk by ironically celebrating the materialist excesses of the upwardly mobile in songs like 'Greed Is Good', 'Fraternity Days', and 'Fuck You, I’m Rich', which are tinged with old school UK punk, Black Flag and Dead Kennedys touches."

Alternately described as "raucous, straight-ahead punk" and "American Psycho hardcore with a wicked sense of humor" the Yuppie Pricks are frequently lauded for their live performances, where they've been known to "wear John McEnroe-era tennis gear and denounce the 'service industry scum' who come to their shows.

And "while their music has much in common with the Buzzcocks and the Sex Pistols, their backgrounds and lyrics do not... they see their shows as punk PowerPoint presentations, though few sales meetings are as raunchy and cruel as YP shows, where the wretched losers who come to see them are peppered with abuse, lectured on the wonders of laissez-faire capitalism and showered with dollar bills."

Notably, director John Waters cited the Yuppie Pricks song 'Coke Party' in a Variety interview as one of "five songs that mean a lot to me." From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1. [2003] Initial Public Offering

01 - Prep School
02 - Donkey Show
03 - Feels Good
04 - Coke Party
05 - Loser
06 - Song About Me
07 - Poverty Sucks
08 - Man-Tool
09 - Prosperity In The U.S.A.
10 - Suburban Living
11 - I Need A New
12 - Stock Market
13 - N.R.A.
14 - Yuppie Pricks (Theme Song)

48.67 Mb

2. [2005] Broker's Banquet

01 - Coke Party
02 - Mirror, Mirror
03 - Gonna Die Rich
04 - Rich Bitch
05 - Hummer In My Hummer
06 - Cherry Red
07 - Day Spa
08 - Boo Fucking Hoo
09 - Black Tuesday
10 - Paycheck
11 - Prick For President
12 - New Rolls
13 - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Yuppie

56.94 Mb

3. [2005] Stock Market EP

01 - Fuck You, I'm Rich
02 - Stock Market
03 - Paycheck (Live)
04 - Donkey Show (Live)

13.44 Mb

4. [2008] Balls

01 - Collars Up
02 - Greed Is Good
03 - Donkey Show
04 - Frat Cars
05 - Fraternity Days
06 - Fuck You, I'm Rich
07 - Male Model
08 - G.O.P.
09 - Loser
10 - Prick4life

44.41 Mb

5. [2012] My Way (Single)

01 - My Way
02 - Let's Go Skiing

12.61 Mb

6. [2014] Appetite For Consumption

01 - Corporate Welfare Whores
02 - Phoning It In
03 - First World Problems
04 - Vegas Party
05 - Obamacare
06 - Life Is Easy
07 - Suck My Gold Dick
08 - You're Fired
09 - Country Club Days
10 - Obama
11 - My Posse's On Wall Street

66.14 Mb


The Motor City madmen blur the lines of punk, rock, doom and thrash.

With the release of their first self-titled full-length in 2009, Against The Grain was an immediate hit garnering an intensive local fanbase playing 50 shows throughout Michigan. With their intense live show and energized fanbase they were introduced to touring life by Hellmouth and The Meatmen, and began their transformation into a fully-functioning road act. The boys in Against The Grain have yet to look back.

After 75 dates in 2011, Against The Grain followed up with 2012's Motor City Speed Rock and 150 dates in support. Their efforts caught the attention of Self-Destructo Records, who in 2013 released their 3rd full-length, Surrounded By Snakes to such acclaim that they re-released Motor City Speed Rock on 10" as well.

Maintaining a DIY tour ethic, ATG built a national fanbase with their bare hands - quenching the thirst for fast and heavy rock and roll throughout the land. With 650 dates and counting since hitting the road in 2011, Against The Grain has also toured alongside an impressive assemblage of notable acts including - Nashville Pussy, Valient Thorr, Church of Misery, Guttermouth, The Meatmen, The Koffin Kats, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Zoroaster, Hellmouth, The Hookers, Beast in the Field, Lo-Pan and shared the stage with Zeke, St. Vitus, Orange Goblin, Electric Frankenstein, Agent Orange and many more.

Against The Grain have proven themselves to be true warriors of the road. Blazing through the US with their brand of gear-shifting balls-to-the-wall music that incorporates all things heavy, Against The Grain defies categorization as they seamlessly blur the lines of punk, rock, doom and thrash.

1. [2012] Motor City Speed Rock

01 - Armadillo
02 - Always A Fight
03 - Run
04 - Eye Of The Storm
05 - Can't Stop Me
06 - Livin' Fear
07 - Hard Lesson Learned
08 - Ride On
09 - Night Of The Wolf
10 - Bring Me Down
11 - Not Alive

52.05 Mb

2. [2013] Surrounded By Snakes

01 - Raise Your Glass
02 - Surrounded By Snakes
03 - Get In The Van
04 - Outta Touch
05 - Don't Care What You Say
06 - Get Ready
07 - Comin' Home
08 - Under Attack
09 - Livin' A Lie
10 - Padded Cell
11 - Last Breath
12 - Extinction

72.54 Mb

3. [2015] Road Warriors

01 - Here To Stay
02 - Till We Die
03 - Pendulum
04 - What Happened
05 - Afraid Of Nothing
06 - Sirens
07 - Eyes
08 - Guillotine
09 - Run For Your Life
10 - Comin' In Hot
11 - Night Time
12 - Nothing Left To Lose

89.34 Mb



Hailing from the sleazy southern hills of Asheville, North Carolina, the Crank County Daredevils can best be described as the bastard child of Motörhead and early Guns N' Roses. Their distinctive sound of boot stomping southern sleaze rock n' roll will leave you begging for more. After several national tours and a few trips across the pond to Europe the fellas in Crank County Daredevils have honed in their rip roaring road show and proven that they are the loudest bunch of gypsies to ever take the stage.

1. [2004] Kings Of Sleaze

01 - Kings Of Sleaze
02 - Kick It On Down
03 - Ride The Dog
04 - Hammerdown
05 - Line 'Em Up
06 - Shut Yer Lip
07 - Bitch Be Cool
08 - High
09 - Back In The Nasty

79.40 Mb

2. [2006] Livin' In The Red

01 - We Want It All
02 - Fueled By A Fifth
03 - Love Me Like A Suicide
04 - Livin' In The Red
05 - Rock n Roll Homicide
06 - That's How We Roll
07 - Speed Kills
08 - Devils Ride
09 - Back To Piss You Off

90.15 Mb

3. [2009] Crank County Daredevils

01 - Life Under The Blade
02 - Fall Down
03 - Tearing Me Up Again
04 - It's Calling Me
05 - Engines Revin'
06 - Last Dance
07 - Lies
08 - Back In The Motor City
09 - Coming Down (It's Such A Bitch)
10 - Fight

75.85 Mb

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Portland Oregon’s Whiskey Achievers stir up bluegrass, old-school country and whiskey-soaked acoustic punk into a sweaty, boot-stompin’, energetic live performance. Rowdy, charged-up anthems pave the way for creepy waltzes, soggy sing-alongs and even a tender ballad or two. Equally at home in a dimly lit bar, busking on the street corner, or playing a big summer festival, the Whiskey Achievers have all the fixins’ for one hell of a great show.

My Bad Luck is the debut album for Portland, Oregon's Whiskey Achievers. Some may call it Old-School Country, some may call it Bluegrass, Irish Music or even Acoustic Punk.

01 - Maryanne
02 - My Bad Luck
03 - Gravity And Time
04 - Santa Ana
05 - Overboard
06 - Nothing Left To Hide
07 - La Conchita
08 - Lies As Truth
09 - Sweet Talkin' Man
10 - Met The Devil
11 - You Were A Star
12 - The Traveler

102.73 Mb

SEAN K. PRESTON [2015] The Prava Sessions

From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Prava Sessions was a web based video series that featured live in-studio performances by incredible artists. Every performance was captured live, expertly mixed and mastered--but completely unpolluted by studio trickery. Every recording is 100% Auto-tune free!

When Sean K. Preston appeared on the Prava Sessions, he recorded a lot more material than they could fit in the episode. Every one of those songs is included here.

Released February 19, 2015

01 - Satan
02 - Barnburner
03 - Strangers Under The Same Roof (Long Version)
04 - I Still Believe
05 - Murder
06 - Regret
07 - Nobody's Fool
08 - Snakeskin Boots Boogie
09 - Only One
10 - Strangers Under The Same Roof (Short Version)

88.42 Mb


Classic heartbroken country, honest blues, bombastic roots rock'n'roll, and lyrical sophistication.

Sean K. Preston was born in Australia in the isolated desert town of Alice Springs, to an American father and a Japanese mother. As a music hungry teenager in a small town with no record shop to fuel his cravings, save the local Kmart, Sean was forced to raid his father's record collection. It was there that he discovered, and fell in love with early Rock n’ Roll, Country, and Blues. Eventually his family moved to America, to a suburb of Baltimore, where Sean was introduced to his first rock concerts, and the local punk scene. It wasn't long before he picked up the guitar to front his own band. Sean spent years playing in various punk bands, all the while holding a deep and abiding love for Surf, Country, Blues and early Rock n’ Roll.

Upon the invitation of a friend, Sean went to visit Ireland. Having little money he was assured that he could finance his holiday by busking (street performing) on the gray streets of Dublin. The holiday became a way of life, honing his natural performing skills and sustaining him there over four years. While performing on the streets of Dublin, Sean met and formed Sean K. Preston and The Handsome Devils. The group played the streets, gigged at local pubs and eventually developed a growing fan base, leading them to better and bigger gigs in Dublin, Belfast and around the country.

After returning the the U.S. Preston began work on a self produced and released debut record entitled “Hoarse Whisper” and began touring the east coast. A few years later the self titled and professionally recorded 6 song EP "Sean K. Preston" was released as Sean continued to increase the distance and duration of his tours.  He also formed his new touring band "Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols". The full length album, "The Colt From Old Regret" was unofficially released in July of 2013 for sale at shows on his second coast to coast U.S. Tour.

The music of Sean K. Preston draws heavily on the influences of the classic heartbroken sounds of Country & Western music from the 40’s through the 70’s, the honesty of the Blues by the likes of Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker, the bombast of 50’s Rock’n’Roll, the lyrical sophistication of musical poets like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Nick Cave, the raw energy of Punk and the spirituality of Mountain Gospel. His own songs range from delicate laments and lullabies to fiery sermons and confessions.

Sean K. Preston doesn't get gussied up for the show... he wears his cowboy hat, dirty jeans and shitkicker boots everyday. If it sounds like he sings about hard luck, lost love, long journeys, dark secrets, damnation and redemption like he's lived through them... it's because he damn well has. It's not all despair and gloom, however, as he's quick with the wise cracks between songs while gulping down whiskey and bantering... but when the next song starts you better believe he'll be sweating blood to deliver the best performance. It's Blues Punk Country, Rock'n'Roll.... Amen!

1. [2008] Hoarse Whisper

01 - 7am Hell
02 - Ain't No Grave
03 - Strangers Under The Same Roof
04 - Raisin' The Roof In Your Town Tonight
05 - The Deal
06 - We're Not In Love
07 - Fistfight At The Dance
08 - My Baby Don't Love Me Anymore
09 - Lullaby

62.95 Mb

2. [2010] Guitar Man (Single)

01 - Guitar Man

8.20 Mb

3. [2011] Sean K. Preston EP

01 - Satan
02 - Murder
03 - Money
04 - Vengeance
05 - Ain't No Grave
06 - Guitar Man

44.68 Mb

4. [2013] The Colt From Old Regret

01 - Money
02 - The Deal
03 - 7am Hell
04 - Vengeance
05 - Strangers Under The Same Roof
06 - Only One
07 - Still Believe
08 - Nobody's Fool
09 - Red River Valley

82.83 Mb

THE KILLCREEPS [2010] Destroy Earth

Formed in 1996 by vocalist/guitarist Count Lyle of Ghoultown, The Killcreeps were around just long enough to produce this searing slab of classic horror punk. Part punk, part metal, part sci-fi, and part horror, Destroy Earth delivers a heavy-handed blast of b-movie violence, madness and dark humor. Eventually spawning what is now Ghoultown, The Killcreeps debut disc quickly sold out and seemed to be lost forever. But with the coming of the digital age, and requests by fans, this often-overlooked piece of horror punk history is available again in this special digital release. Featuring new cover art by Jeff Gaither and re-mastered cuts, Destroy Earth sounds as if it were recorded yesterday. Fans of The Misfits, Calabrese, and other horror punk shouldn't miss this classic release!

01 - Terror From Beyond
02 - Chop Shop
03 - Shock Planet
04 - Mission 3: The Introid
05 - Martian World War
06 - Tunnel Vision
07 - Human Monster
08 - Rotoriculous
09 - Hey Christine
10 - Humanoids From The Deep
11 - Black Nails
12 - Fay Wray
13 - Renfield's Dream
14 - Return Of The Phantom

114.18 Mb


1. [1984] Box Of Frogs (2011 Remaster)

Tracklist: Back Where I Started (3:57), Harder (3:41), Another Wasted Day (4:19), Love Inside You (2:49), The Edge (4:02), Two Steps Ahead (4:34), Into The Dark (4:09), Just A Boy Again (5:40), Poor Boy (4:23) Bonus Tracks: Nine Lives (4:07), X-Tracks (5:03)

Box Of Frogs was the unusual name given to the mid 80s reunion for three-fifths of the legendary 1960s blues-rockers The Yardbirds. Guitarist Chris Dreja, bassist Paul Samwell-Smith and drummer Jim McCarty originally reunited to play at the 25th anniversary of the infamous Marquee Club in June of 1983 which turned out to be a lot of fun so they decided to start writing and see what they could come up with musically. However, as vocalist Keith Relf had passed away back in 1976 and none of the famous guitarists (for those who need reminding, a trio of six string slingers, Clapton, Beck and Page, who went on to achieve a modicum of fame in their own rights!) associated with the band was part of the process the band took on a new moniker. The name came from an executive at Island Records whose favourite saying was that such-and-such a person had a face like a box of frogs. Amused by the saying the group adopted it as their own. To complete the line-up a vocalist was adopted into the ranks, namely John Fiddler, the ex-singer of Medicine Head and British Lions, who had sang a couple of numbers with the group at the Marquee anniversary concert. Initial sessions for a planned debut EP were so productive that sufficient material was accumulated for a full album. Epic Records were sufficiently impressed to hastily sign the band.

One of the factors that undoubtedly attracted Epic Records was the number of high profile guest musicians that were lending their talents to the recordings. With the Yardbirds' pedigree and Samwell-Smith's contacts as an in-demand producer, it was no problem in attracting such friends and musical luminaries as Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher, Mark Feltham, Max Middleton and Peter-John Vitesse to contribute. The results were as good as expected with the almost autobiographical Back Where I Started providing a more modern approach on the blues rock that the Yardbirds were associated with. Feltham's authentic blues harmonica and Beck providing a restrained yet exemplary lead line set the album off to a cracking start. The song was released as the debut single and managed to crack the lower regions of the UK charts and going top 10 in the US where college radio stations practically adopted it as the theme tune for the summer of 1984. Harder continues along similar lines with ex-Mott The Hoople guitarist Ray Majors laying down a fierce lead line while Another Wasted Day has Beck back on lead contributing to a slower number featuring some excellently phrased singing from Fiddler. The relatively short Love Inside You is another great song with a strong chorus featuring some sympathetic, and uncredited, female backing vocals. Slide guitar is provided by additional Frog Dzal Martin founder member of the late 70s band No Dice and subsequent session musician. Rory Gallagher makes his first appearance on The Edge (no not a tribute to U2's guitarist!) and as with all of the songs on the album, the soloist is not allowed to dominate, just supplement the strong song writing with their individual talents. This is a testament to the production skills of Samwell-Smith and, one would presume, the high regard that the Yardbirds are held by fellow musicians.

Beck once again performs on Two Steps Ahead with a contribution that is more akin to his usual soaring and flowing lines. A rather poor percussion break midway through is the only detraction and puts a definite 80s stamp on the song but this is a minor distraction to an otherwise fine number with probably the best of the guitar contributions, particularly from Beck. A reggae rhythm is applied to Into The Dark which features two guest guitarists, Martin on lead and Gallagher on slide and a lovely electric sitar. The change in style is not that dramatic largely due to Fiddler, a strong chorus, and some understated playing by the whole ensemble. Just A Boy Again is another song that initially steps away from the blues influences having a greater slow boogie influence primarily due to the piano part played by Vetesse, although Martin does wrap things up nicely providing a neat intro to the original last number of the album, Poor Boy. An excellent closer to the album combining lyrical humour ("I'm broke I lost all my cash, I'm in deeper than the Wall Street crash, I'm sinking faster than a drowning man, Oh Shit! I gotta get my arse out of the can") and superb musicianship, the interplay between Beck and Geraint Watkins on piano is superb! With customary Esoteric thoroughness (but uncharacteristic lapse in that the song titles are printed the wrong way round on the CD artwork), this CD reissue is accompanied by the b-sides from the two singles released from the album. Nine Lives, from the Into The Dark 45 rpm is not up to the standard of the album numbers, possibly because it was the only song not written by members of the band, instead deriving from the pen of Mark Radice who has written for and played with numerous performers including Aerosmith, Dave Edmunds, Barbara Streisand, Barry Mannilow and The Muppets (!). It does sound like there is a different singer on this track but the final guitar solo is worthy and it is an overall nice addition to the set. X Tracks is really just for completeness being snippets of each of the album songs included as a taster for the LP on the Back Where I Started single.

Although I have concentrated on the guest musicians on the album, this shouldn't detract from the fine performances put in by the core Frogs. Dreja and Fiddler make significant rhythm guitar contributions, Samwell-Smith's bass playing is as fine and smooth as ever, all add various percussive elements and the synthesiser contributions from the bassist and vocalist are, thankfully, minimal and not at all characteristic of the prevailing musical atmosphere of the time. Largely overlooked since release, this album is a solid, if not earth shattering, album and one that I have frequently dug out my vinyl copy of over the years when feeling the need for something different to get lost in. Having a re-mastered and pristine digital copy is a very welcome addition to my collection. MARK HUGHES

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2. [1986] Strange Land (2011 Remaster)

Tracklist: Get It While You Can (3:53), You Mix Me Up (3:22), Average (4:20), House On Fire (4:22), Hanging From The Wreckage (3:40), Heart Full Of Soul (3:52), Asylum (4:51), Strange Land (4:52), Trouble (5:45) Bonus Track: I Keep Calling (3:08)

The second Box Of Frogs album was released two years after the strong debut album, although failure to tour, particularly in the US where the album had reached the top 50 in the album charts based on the strong performance of the Back Where I Started, had somewhat stifled the progress of the band. Although Jim McCarty (drums) and John Fiddler (vocals/rhythm guitar) were keen to hit the road, and Jeff Beck had indicated that he would have been more than happy to join them, Paul Samwell-Smith (bass) was busy as an in-demand producer and was not looking to become part of a band while Chris Dreja (rhythm guitar) had a flourishing career as a professional photographer he was reluctant to turn aside. Had the band undertaken a successful tour, the second album may have turned out a lot different to what was released as Strange Lands. Although Fiddler had a hand in writing the majority of the material, he only sings on four of the tracks. Hence, additional Frogs on this album also included a host of illustrious vocalists to accompany the guest guitarists and keyboard players, many who were happy to reprise their roles on the first album. One player missing from the second album was Jeff Beck whose contributions to the debut were some of the highlights. Instead, another ex-Yardbird, Jimmy Page, was called in to play on a couple of numbers. One interesting aspect of the reissue of the two Box Of Frogs albums is the different reminiscences of McCarthy (in the first CD booklet) and Dreja (in this booklet). For instance, although both agree that it was never considered to ask Eric Clapton to play on either album, Dreja reports that Clapton never figured in any of the plans of the unit while McCarty states he was asked to play at the Marquee anniversary concert but was unable as he was on tour in the US at the time. Additionally, Dreja says that the group were already writing for an album prior to the Marquee invitation as opposed to having reunited specially for the occasion. Of course, this is all by-the-by and what matters is the music.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the four numbers featuring Fiddler on vocals are the most familiar to the sound of the material on the debut album. You Mix Me Up has potential but is over produced with some of the female backing vocals (by Carroll Thompson and Julie Roberts) sounding as if they have been stolen from a Kid Creole & The Coconuts song. Shame as some of the elements are very good. House On Fire could easily have been included on that album with Rory Gallagher and Dzal Martin teaming up once again to provide lead guitar work and Geraint Watkins pounding out the ivories and Peter-John Vetesse adding sympathetic synth lines. Truly impressive stuff. Hanging From The Wreckage features electric sitar, again played by Gallagher, in a more prominent role on a more down beat number that is slow to get anywhere and is somewhat too rudimentary to really create much excitement. Page makes his first appearance (and only appearance on the original album) on Asylum although from the sleeve notes it appears that Dreja at least was not all that impressed: "..he came in, did a mysterious solo with lots of wah wah and then disappeared. I'm not sure what he was doing, but he returned and then did this imaginative guitar part and left us to piece it together. That was, erm, interesting." It has to be said that it is not Page's finest hour, nor the Frogs best song, taking on more of the eighties style of music and leaving the blues rock way behind them. It does feel as if it has been pieced together in the control room rather than come together as a complete song. Page's other performance, on the b-side I Keep Calling, also features Fiddler on vocals and is much more superior to Asylum in both writing and performing that it is a wonder that it was left off the album. More succinct, more structured, better all round. Perhaps the idea was to have an exclusive track featuring Page to help sales of the Average single, although if that was the case it would have been better, in my opinion, to have Asylum as the b-side! Besides, the single, more of which later, was hardly likely to have attracted the attention of the mainstream Led Zep fan. Final track featuring the vocals of Fiddler is the last track on the original album, Trouble with a new Frog guitarist, Steve Hackett, laying down the lead. Again the eighties style of music seems to pervade through this track with a very basic drum pattern, and all sorts of superfluous synth noises added by Vetesse and David Clayton. Hackett does a fine job though and despite its flaws is an interesting enough song.

The remaining tracks feature a guest vocalist. The inimitable Roger Chapman contributes two characteristic performances, the first of which is the somewhat pointless re-working of Heart Full Of Soul. Although the sleeve notes state that the group wanted to take a radically different approach to the classic Yardbirds number it is not too far removed from the original (or perhaps it is more accurate to state that it bears quite a lot of similarity to the version released by Ghost Dance a couple of years earlier). Gallagher is the featured guitarist and he does a fine job, even adding in more electric sitar to give it a nostalgic sixties psychedelic feel. The song's composer, Graham Gouldman, is even drafted in to add rhythm guitar. Chappo also lends his larynx to the title track, one of the better songs although again the synth additions of Vetesse do tend to date the song. Opening tack, Get It While You Can was touted by the record label as being a potential hit single (it wasn't) and I wonder if because of this it was foisted on the band as it is the only other track not composed by the group. Having said that, it is a strong opening number and Graham Parker adds an impressive lead vocal to give the song a more contemporary twist. And finally to the song Average. The most unusual of the songs on the album, and in the whole Box Of Frogs career, yet probably one of their most enjoyable. This is down to the performance of the undeniably brilliant Ian Dury, who I am sure must have written the lyrics to this number although they are not credited to him. The song is not only amusing lyrically it is also great musically. McCarty lays down the best drum rhythms of the album, Hackett plays a blinder and even Vetesse doesn't manage to mess it up with his synth noodlings.

More eclectic and more experimental, Strange Land is really too diverse and too far removed from Box Of Frogs to maintain any momentum gained from the initial success of the band. The lack of touring and the two-year gap between releases also must have had an impact on sales, with neither album nor single cracking the top 100 in either the US or the UK. However, as both McCarty and Dreja comment in the sleeve notes of the albums, the original intention was for some friends to get together and have some fun making music. Both attest that the two albums were a lot of fun to record which suggests the objective was achieved. Strange Land has its moments but is not as an accomplished an effort as the debut and is definitely of its time. MARK HUGHES

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This one leans more to the cowpunk side of things as it was a popular underground scene in L.A. during this time.

01 - THE JONESES - I'm Bad
02 - THE JONESES - She's So Filthy
03 - MAU MAUS - Sex Girls In Uniform
04 - MAU MAUS - We All Fall Down
06 - BLOOD ON THE SADDLE - I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again
07 - BLOOD ON THE SADDLE - Ghost In My Heart
09 - TEX AND THE HORSEHEADS - Go West Young Man
11 - MINUTEMEN - Corona
12 - SCREAMIN' SIRENS - Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
13 - SCREAMIN' SIRENS - Runnin' Kind

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Hell Comes To Your House is an American deathrock and punk compilation of Southern California bands. It is notable for releasing the first ever Christian Death song "Dogs", as well as including the first studio recordings of Social Distortion and one of the earliest performances of Redd Kross.

The album was originally released in 1981 but reissued in 1998. The 1981 release cost $550.

Engineer Randy Burns went on to produce other punk, thrash and death metal bands including Suicidal Tendencies, Death, Possessed, and Megadeth.

Credits the producer of "Dogs" as Mike Patton. This is not the Ipecac Recordings label head/Faith No More singer, Mike Patton. This Mike Patton was in the band The Middle Class and he also produced the first iconic "blue" album by the influential Orange County band, Adolescents as well as the Danger Zone EP by China White. He was also the bass player with T.S.O.L.'s Jack Grisham's post TSOL Goth/Dance band, Cathedral Of Tears and Trotsky Icepick. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

02 - SOCIAL DISTORTION - Telling Them
03 - LEGAL WEAPON - Daddy's Gone Mad
04 - RED CROSS - Puss 'n' Boots
05 - MODERN WARFARE - Out Of My Head
06 - MODERN WARFARE - Street Fightin' Man
07 - SECRET HATE - Deception
08 - SECRET HATE - New Routine/Suicide
09 - CONSERVATIVES - Suburban Bitch
10 - CONSERVATIVES - Just Cuz/Nervous
11 - .45 GRAVE - Evil
12 - .45 GRAVE - Concerned Citizen
13 - .45 GRAVE - .45 Grave
15 - 100 FLOWERS - Reject Yourself
16 - RHINO 39 - Marry It
17 - SUPER HEROINES - Death On The Elevator
18 - SUPER HEROINES - Embalmed Love

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01 - EL ESCAPADO - Escapado
03 - DICK VON ROCK - Limey Town
04 - MOTORPSYCHO - Scarred For Life
05 - FIST - If The Punks Are United
06 - RIOTGUN. - Just For Michelle
07 - SHATTERED FAITH - Heartache (Too Much)
09 - THE BANGKOK FIVE - We Love What Kills Us
10 - CRASH KILLS FOUR - Fight For You
11 - BOX OF FROGS - Poor Boy
12 - SEAN K. PRESTON - The Deal
14 - SCREAMING SIRENS - This Is My Home
15 - E•I•E•I•O - Ain't She Square
16 - AGAINST THE GRAIN - Livin' A Lie
17 - THE KILLCREEPS - Black Nails
19 - YUPPIE PRICKS - Phoning It In
20 - SKI'S COUNTRY TRASH - Generation Download

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Tracks 01 - 10 selected and arranged by nekrodad
Tracks 11 - 20 selected and arranged by barkingdog

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“One of the finest country rockin’ bands in the UK” – Time Out

Made up of members of The Sindys, The Astronauts, Redmaxx and Los Chicos Muertos, The Trailer Trash Orchestra is something of a Trashville super-group. The band came together through a shared love of Country-Noir and Trash Rock 'n' Roll, and their sound pretty much reflects this - like Johnny Cash meeting the Ramones at a party thrown by Gram Parsons who's got The Pogues and Ween in as house bands.

Within a year of getting together the band were playing storming sets at small festivals, and this led to a prestigious booking at Glastonbury Festival's infamous Lost Vagueness stage. Since then the band have played at many festivals and venues around the UK including Bestival, Boomtown, Endorse it in Dorset, Rhythms of the World and The Acoustic Festival of Great Britain.

In 2009 the band released their first studio album, Shakin’ The Dead, through their own Trashville Imprint. The album garnered 5 star reviews and has continued to sell well since. In 2011 the band released a collaborative album with legendary Vibrators front-man Knox – The Knoxville Boy to great acclaim, and promoted the album live at many venues. The brand new album “Grave Tales” is also available on both vinyl and CD formats.

The band have also backed up Ed Tudorpole a number of times live on Swords of a Thousand Men as well as having shared the stage with acts as diverse as TV Smith, The UK Subs, The Vibrators, Wreckless Eric, The Subways, Enter Shikari, The Beat, Hayseed Dixie, Arno and Sid Griffin.

As well as their Trashville releases the band have appeared on a number of compilation albums, most notably The Cramps Tribute “Goddamn Rock ‘n' Roll” along with The Jesus and Mary Chain and Queens of the Stone Age.

The luxuriant blend of fuzzed up guitars, voodoo-swamp drumming and plaintive pedal-steel, fiddle and mandolin make for an intoxicating, addictive and original sound that instills spine tingling delirium whether blasted from a festival stage or in a small sweaty club. Caustic self penned numbers are augmented by distinctly off kilter interpretations of country, trash and alt-rock gems whilst hats, tats and low-slung attitude leap from stack to stack in frenzied ecstasy!

"Refined, extraordinary music by a band oozing style" Maverick Magazine

"...a wacked-out, liquored-up, honky-tonkin' party machine." R2 Magazine

"Like the B52s riding turkeys on moonshine..." – Live Circuit

1. THE TRAILER TRASH ORCHESTRA [2009] Shakin' The Dead

01 - I Wanna Be Sedated
02 - Country Running
03 - Corporationcocksuckin A N Rareselickin Junkie
04 - Baby Baby
05 - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
06 - Song From Under The Floorboards
07 - Sin City
08 - Ecstacy
09 - Cowgirl
10 - The Knoxville Girl
11 - Religion

68.21 Mb


01 - Dartmoor County Jail
02 - Fire In Lonesome Town
03 - Love Comes Too Late
04 - Cowboy Moon
05 - Loser
06 - The Knoxville Girl
07 - Baby Baby
08 - House Of Cards
09 - Ribbons Of White
10 - Sunshine
11 - Juice On
12 - Cowboy Moon (Alternate)

86.74 Mb


01 - Stopped My Medication
02 - Back On The Road Again
03 - Wayfaring Stranger
04 - Sitting And Thinking
05 - Another Country
06 - Guns Of Brixton
07 - I Still Want You
08 - Divine Intervention
09 - Dartmoor County Jail
10 - Lost Highway

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