Sunday, July 31, 2016

SEUORA / BLACK CLAW [2015] The Death Hymns (Split)


01 Seuora - Deep & Dark
02 Seuora - Never Hungry Again
03 Seuora - Who Goes There
04 Seuora - Baby Eaters
05 Seuora - Starlight Nausea
06 Seuora - Hush
07 Seuora - Lockjaw
08 Seuora - Home
09 Black Claw - Horrible Days (Nashville Demo)
10 Black Claw - Filth, Hate And Lies (Unreleased)
11 Black Claw - Whiskey Shiver (Unreleased)
12 Black Claw - Thieving Bones - Horrible Days (Nashville Demo)
13 Black Claw - Tear Your Skin (Unreleased)
14 Black Claw - Tillsonburg (Stompin Tom Cover)
15 Black Claw - Nothing (Compound Demo)
16 Black Claw - Piano Out Take (4AM Whiskey Session)

Name your price download


01 Black Claw - Horrible Days (Nashville Demo)
02 Black Claw - Filth, Hate And Lies (Unreleased)
03 Black Claw - Whiskey Shiver (Unreleased)
04 Black Claw - Thieving Bones - Horrible Days (Nashville Demo)
05 Black Claw - Tear Your Skin (Unreleased)
06 Black Claw - Tillsonburg (Stompin Tom Cover)
07 Black Claw - Nothing (Compound Demo)
08 Black Claw - Piano Out Take (4AM Whiskey Session)
09 Seuora - Deep & Dark
10 Seuora - Never Hungry Again
11 Seuora - Who Goes There
12 Seuora - Baby Eaters
13 Seuora - Starlight Nausea
14 Seuora - Hush
15 Seuora - Lockjaw
16 Seuora - Home

$1 CAD or more

Black Claw - Primitive and angry death roots (Canada)

Seuora - No good feel bad three man junk band (Finland)

Released June 21, 2015

SEUORA [2016] Revisitation

01 Still Weightless
02 Evil Within Revisited

Two tracks recorded in April 2016.

Released July 20, 2016

Rev F - Vox, Guitar
J. Backwater - Percussions, Backing Vocals
W. Rotsworth - Bass, Backing Vocals
Laika/hounddog - Banjo, Backing Vocals

Name your price download

Elmo Karjalainen's Live @ Klubi Album Now Released

The Live @ Klubi album is now available and you can get it here for $5+ USD.

You get both video and audio, plus sleeve notes.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A DAY WITHOUT LOVE To Release Great New Album 'SOLACE' August 30th!

Photo: Amanda Silberling

A Day Without Love has existed in many forms. Started as a solo act by frontman Brian Walker during his college years, the music took on the shape of a full-band when Walker collaborated with Philadelphia producer Jake Detwiler in 2013. The resulting debut EP, "Island", was a sharp contrast from the mellow acoustic musings that Walker had leaned on in the past - it was aggressive, grungy, and energetic.

Since then, A Day Without Love has seen a rotating cast of musicians surround the singer/songwriter for a handful of short releases (Confessions Of The Innocent Mind (2014), A Day Without Oscar split EP (2014), Songs For The Lonely (2015), Young Professionals (2015).

It was a hard but productive 2015-2016 for Brian Walker and A Day Without Love. Walker, who is open with fans on social media, lost his grandfather, a major role model and positive force in his life. He also covered 90 songs in 90 days to benefit the nonprofit Erika’s Lighthouse, which helps teens with depression; played South x Southwest; started writing a book; and recorded, wrote and toured the U.S.

Those pain-and-gain experiences—the pain and fire of loss, the sublime feeling of building something out of your heart—were channeled into Solace, a full length album to be released August 30, 2016, on Sounds and Tones Records(CDs) and Running Around Records (cassettes).

It’s not exactly the documentation of a coming-of-age moment. The 13-song LP covers Walker’s experience coming to terms “with things I no longer tolerate,” he says.

There’s a point in life where you decide what you can take with you, and what you should leave behind; Solace is about that point. “It’s about things I’m growing comfortable with, about finding comfort in your suffering,” he says.

The album is stripped down and raw, Walker punctuating jangling guitars with darkly honest musings on the nature of suffering and the feeling of walking away. “I want to find my capacity to take it all and spit it out,” he belts out on Capacity.

The Philly-based artist covers topics like loneliness and racism (his grandmother’s take on racism in America is featured on “I Hope It Ends”), but also redemption, of turning away to find strength and comfort in himself: “Then I started to face my fears,” he sings on Green. “That’s when things got real weird.”

01. Joseph
02. Green
03. Solace
04. Heart
05. Cruel
06. It Hurts
07. Constantly Ignored
08. I Hope It Ends One Day
09. Capacity
10. Too Fast
11. Never Judge
12. They Don't Want Us To Live
13. Persistence

This is a great album folks with well crafted tunes that ensure repeat listens and is indeed a worthy addition to your music collection, you will not be disappointed, I know I wasn't, and you can pre-order 'Solace' either as Digital Album, Compact Disc or Cassette here.

The first single 'It Hurts' has been released and is available for purchase here.

The second single 'Solace' will released on August 16 following a tour with local Philly artist Liz De Lise. Find out more at, or via A Day Without Love’s Facebook page.

A Day Without Love is currently seeking new members, while playing/touring in the east coast regional area.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lasers Lasers Birmingham Release Great New EP 'Royal Blue'

Lasers Lasers Birmingham is the brainchild of indie band, Vanish Valley keyboardist, Alex Owen. Royal Blue is LLB’s 2nd EP and it walks the line between classic country and contemporary wry wit.

Take the laid back, disaffected, self-referential ennui that hangs thick in the smog of Los Angeles and combine it with the classic swoon of pedal-steel straight from the heart of The Ozarks and you’ll start to approach the foundations of Lasers Lasers Birmingham, the new project from former Vanish Valley multi-instrumentalist Alex Owen.

“LLB just released a four-track EP titled, Royal Blue, which makes me think they will be the next band to watch. Smooth, beautiful harmonies meet country roots, if you will. Don’t miss it. It is smo-o-oth.”—Bob Segarini music blog

“His new EP, Royal Blue, the follow-up to the 2014 self-titled EP, features some very cool country and folk music with something of a 1970s country rock vibe at times…. These tracks are all original tunes, written by Alex Owen. And all four are really strong.”—Michael’s Music Log

"Thoughtful lyrics and a stellar blend of classic influences and modern edginess will make you hunger for far more than the wonderful four tracks here."--Music Morsels

“…if you have half an interest in roots music or Americana, it’s almost impossible to not find something to like.  ‘Royal Blue’ is one of 2016’s most welcome surprises.”—Real Gone Rocks

01 - Royal Blue
02 - Hard Man To Please
03 - Shedd Aquarium
04 - Any Way You Slice It

“This is one great EP folks and you should do yourselves a favour and purchase it come July 22…”—The Dog’s Space

"Ozark native Alex Owen brings to life a short collection of songs that captures present day themes coupled with a 70’s country, laid back California vibe... Royal Blue is awash in modern day storytelling that retains true, traditional country sensibilities. Give it a listen."--Daily Country

“With a gently, easygoing, loping vibe running through it, this EP displays a modern Americana sensibility that you aren’t really sure where it lands but it’s somewhere between the classic college coffeehouse and the one of today.  This is how Firefall and Dan Fogelberg would probably sound today, with a soupcon of Michael Murphey thrown in.”—Midwest Record

“Lasers Lasers Birmingham is the musical moniker of a country psych artist from Los Angeles, Alex Owen. “Warning” is a catchy, well-put together song that reminds me of a cross between the spacey canyon jams of Beachwood Sparks and the bouncy pop of, say, Bishop Allen. Lasers Lasers Birmingham are a welcome new addition to the Ball of Wax consortium, I’ll be on the lookout for more of their work.”—Ball of Wax

This 4 track EP is criminally short and is a worthy addition to your music collection, so what are you waiting for, extract thy digit and head on over to one of the fine on-line stores listed below and purchase your copy. You will not be disappointed!!

CD Baby

You can still get the 2 track self-titled EP for name your price download from here.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Elmo Karjalainen's Live @ Klubi Pre-Order And Another YouTube Video

Here it is! The Live @ Klubi album is available for pre-order.

01. Instrumetal
02. Don't Quit Yer Day Job
03. Incontinental Breakfast
04. The Promised Land Of Roundabouts
05. Unintelligent Designs
06. Until We Meet Again
07. The Bolero Unravels
08. Relax

If you pre-order you get a small discount, but you only have just under a week, so hurry on over to here.

It's priced at $4 now, but if you want to, you can pay more (nudge nudge, wink wink).

He has also released the third video from the live album on YouTube. You can view "Unintelligent Designs" here.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Introducing... The Speedlights

"A mix of The Raspberries Power Pop Sound mixed with the Revival Mod/New Wave bands from England in the late 70's." - Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More, Sweden

The Speedlights outta Denton, Texas, power pop rock n roll tunes. Dwayne Ray (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Prisk (Drums/Lead Vocals on "Amy (Tonight)"), and Tony Greene (Bass/Vocals) used to play music together back in what? 1992? Well, they've finally all gotten back together and added in the famous Jess Boyer (Guitar) the UPS driver for maximum on time delivery for some extra jangle.

Dwayne and Josh had discussed one day their mutual love of power pop and how more recent groups (1990s+) seemed to not have that 70's edge of the early groups and decided to get back to writing tunes again along with their old friend Tony and see if they could bring that edge.

They play original tunes that are in the vein of Big Star, The Cars, Cheap Trick, and The Ramones. They recently self-released their first EP and have received local air play, inclusion on several podcasts, as well as air time in Sweden and the UK. They are planning to record their first full length later this year.

"This Denton, TX quartet’s debut EP shines like a Texas Ranger badge reflecting the sun at noontime. Simple, catchy power pop songs about love and girls with Big Star style quiet hooks that like a jumping cactus needle, have got a hold of you before you even realize it. Aside from having graduated summa cum laude from the Alex Chilton School of Guitar Licks, The Speedlight’s tunes are lightly dusted with a Tom Petty/Bruce Springsteen/John Fogerty everyman/working class type of charm to them. Great stuff from these newcomers, I predict their next records will only keep getting better and better as they hone their skills and gel together even more as a band. Can’t wait!"  – J Castro, AudioAmmunition

"Six tracks of damn near perfect pop which hints at many sub-flavors while still retaining a unique musical identity. Every song is so chock full of hooks I cannot recall a batch of songs this side of the Exploding Hearts that are more potent in this regard." – Garrett Barnwell, Razorcake Magazine

“These guys coulda’ come from New Yawk back in the day with their style of garage pop - shades of The Velvets, The Boyfriends, early Richard Hell and the like permeate their pop-inflected songs.” Kool Kat Musik, New Jersey

01 I'm Still Waiting
02 Gotta Get Back To You
03 Amy (Tonight)
04 I Feel You Coming On
05 Northern Star
06 She's A Rebel

Released December 11, 2015

This debut EP is a quite good folks and a worthy addition to your music collection, you can purchase the self-titled EP from either of the links listed below, and with your help, we can bring back the power of Pop and Roll to the peoples!

Digital Album $4 USD or more / CD Gatefold + Digital Download $5 USD or more
Digital Album $5 USD / CD $6 USD


Punk Rockers El Escapado was started on a drunken Sunday at the Gold Rush in Nashville, TN (At least one of them had been drinking) after playing Foobar the night before with various local bands they played in .. After bitching about not having time to ever take vacations and not be able to find band members to tour with, they decided to start a new band with one goal, vacation via a touring band!

They spent the entire month of July 2015 riding around in a van playing with their favorite bands, seeing great friends who they hadn't seen in years and visiting new cities and bars they'd never been to! They asked everyone to come out and make their vacation fun!

They had so much fun in 2015, that they decided to keep the band going! So it's new tours and shots for everyone!

1. [2015] The Getaway

01 Escapado
02 The Muse
03 What's Wrong With You
04 The Eagle Is Watching
05 Medal Of Horror
06 Battle With The Bottle
07 The Escape

Name your price digital album
Digital album $6 USD

2. [2016] Here's To Eternity

01 Introducción
02 MIA
03 Connect
04 Here's To Eternity
05 Downtown
06 No Matter What
07 Fin

Name your price digital album
Digital album $4 USD

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Elmo Karjalainen Releases Second Video From Forthcoming Album "Live @ Klubi"

The second video from his "Live @ Klubi" album has been released.

The song is "The Bolero Unravels" and you can view it here, it even features some behind-the-neck playing.

You can pre-order "Live @ Klubi" for $4+ USD from here.


01 - THE SMALL FACES - Lazy Sunday
02 - STEPPENWOLF - Magic Carpet Ride
04 - SEX PISTOLS - Submission
05 - NEW YORK DOLLS - Private World
06 - THE RUNAWAYS - Wasted
07 - THE FLAMETHROWERS - Kings Of Trash
08 - JANE'S ADDICTION - Mountain Song
09 - MOTÖRHEAD - Rock It
10 - STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Crackerman
11 - SCHLEPROCK - Can't Hold Me Down
12 - LIVING COLOUR - Love Rears Its Ugly Head
13 - METALLICA - Poor Twisted Me
14 - BEAUTIFUL CREATURES - Straight To Hell
15 - MARCHING ORDERS - Had Enough
16 - CASINO RUMBLERS - Big City Punks
17 - ALTERNATE ACTION - Keep Running
18 - THE FOCKE-WOLVES - Runnin'
19 - VOLBEAT - Seal The Deal
20 - CRANK COUNTY DAREDEVILS - Love Me Like A Suicide

97.94 Mb

Monday, July 11, 2016

MEDUSA'S DISCO [2015] The Prava Sessions

From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Prava Sessions was a web based video series that featured live in-studio performances by incredible artists. Every performance was captured live, expertly mixed and mastered--but completely unpolluted by studio trickery. Every recording is 100% Auto-tune free!

The complete recordings from Medusa's Disco's Prava Sessions performance. This EP includes 3 brand new songs and two that weren't included in the episode.

Released June 30, 2015

01 - Otherwise
02 - Flystrip
03 - Whatshisface From Whatevertown
04 - Cellophane Snake
05 - Faceplant Attitude
06 - Novocaine

55.79 Mb

OLDE TIGERS [2015] The Prava Sessions

From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Prava Sessions was a web based video series that featured live in-studio performances by incredible artists. Every performance was captured live, expertly mixed and mastered--but completely unpolluted by studio trickery. Every recording is 100% Auto-tune free!

York PA's Olde Tigers brought their fiery, sometimes political brand of hardcore punk to The Prava Sessions--download this EP to get all of the songs from the session, including two that didn't fit into the episode.

Released August 7, 2015

01 - Death Or Misery
02 - Eyes On The Road
03 - House Of Lies
04 - Losing Battle
05 - Nostalgic Diatribe
06 - Wild Times

29.74 Mb

Elmo Karjalainen Set To Release Live Album July 27

As you may know, Elmo is planning on releasing his fourth studio album this year. Before he does that though, he thought he'd do something different and release a live album.

This thing will be audiovisual with both the video and album being available as digital downloads only, with songs from the show being posted on Youtube as well, like this one for example.

On September 17, 2015 Seagrave did a record release show for the album ”The End Of Silence” at Klubi, Turku. Elmo thought it might be fun to open the show with a solo set of his in addition to playing the Seagrave show. He knew it would be a tough job playing two shows in a row...... for the full story go here.

On an unrelated note, He's been having a “name your price” thing going with his albums over at Bandcamp.

That’s going to change once the new studio album comes out. So if you don’t happen to have “Unintelligent Designs ” or "Where We Belong", you can still get them for "name your price" from here, and "The Free Guitar Album" is still available for free from here.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


01 - CONVOI! - London Calling
02 - CLAM ABUSE - Message To Geri (Remix)
04 - BRIAN O'BLIVION - Today I Feel Old
05 - STELLASTARR* - Pulp Song
07 - JESSE MALIN - Prisoners Of Love
08 - SLIDERS - Fantasy
09 - ANDY McCOY & PETE MALMI - Spirit
12 - KISSY KAMIKAZE - Hybernation
13 - CRO-MAGS - Jones
14 - SILENT MEOW - Superfox
15 - ROBBIE TART - Prettiest Girl
16 - E•I•E•I•O - Rock 'n' Roll Legs
17 - NASHVILLE PUSSY - Why Why Why
18 - SKI'S COUNTRY TRASH - Country Trash
19 - BLOODJUNKIES - Death And The Devil
20 - CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - Never Turns To More

93.57 Mb

Thursday, July 7, 2016


01 - MÖTLEY CRÜE - Kickstart My Heart
02 - THE LYNCH MOB - Wicked Sensation
03 - WINGER - Easy Come Easy Go
04 - FOREIGNER - Lowdown And Dirty
05 - SCREAMING SIRENS- Nine Times To Live
06 - D GENERATION - Cornered
07 - ILL REPUTE - Down
08 - PSYCHOPUNCH - Good For Nothing At All
09 - GARGOYLES - Thru The Rhythm
10 - SLACK BASTARDS - Drive-In Love Affair
11 - PINUPS - Your Generation
12 - NEW AMERICAN MOB - Mirror Man
13 - IGGY POP - Boogie Boy
14 - POWDER MONKEYS - Persecution Blues
16 - TWO SAINTS - Requiem
17 - PRONG - Inheritance
18 - LITA FORD - Fall
19 - TESTAMENT - Electric Crown
20 - WIDOWMAKER - Blood And Bullets (Pissin' Against The Wind)

101.91 Mb

Sunday, July 3, 2016


1. [2008] Welcome To Trash-Valley

01 - Running Man
02 - That's Alright
03 - Burning Love
04 - Don't Shoot Me Down
05 - Candy
06 - Country Trash
07 - Damn Right
08 - No Other One
09 - Rose Of Ballymore
10 - Remedy
11 - White Trash
12 - Sound Of Hellz Angelz
13 - Join Me
14 - Home Before Dark

96.12 Mb

2. [2010] Trash Valley

01 - Country Trash
02 - Don't Shoot Me Down
03 - Remedy
04 - That's Alright
05 - Rose Of Ballymore
06 - No Other One
07 - Wonderland
08 - Jack Daniels
09 - Damn Right
10 - White Trash
11 - Generation Download
12 - Running Man
13 - Spaceman
14 - Candy
15 - Burning Love
16 - Join Me

109.43 Mb

3. [2011] Wonderful Life (Single)

01 - Wonderful Life

7.68 Mb

4. [2012] Neverending Road

01 - Contaminated
02 - Cow Core Cowboys
03 - Under Pressure
04 - Neverending Road
05 - Sleeping Beauty
06 - Why Do You
07 - Break The Rules
08 - The Stand
09 - Sweet Marie
10 - Luvutschüss
11 - Hail To The King
12 - The Game 4.0
13 - The Way I Am
14 - Fuck You

103.21 Mb

5. [2013] Roadstop In Hell

01 - Not Made For This
02 - Hell Yeah
03 - Roadstop In Hell
04 - Stainless Steel
05 - The Price
06 - The Light
07 - Father's Eyes
08 - My Head
09 - Devil In A 3 Piece Suit
10 - 69 Cowgirls
11 - Eternal Night
12 - Happily Ever After
13 - River Runs Red
14 - May Your Roads Be Blessed

121.25 Mb

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Winter Crescent Announce New Vocalist + Recording Of New Album!!

Winter Crescent were formed during the winter of 2000 by Alexis Ktistakis, in Heraklion Crete, Greece.

After 8 years of line-up changes, the band started to find a stable formation in early 2008. Winter Crescent has performed over the years live in various cities all over Greece and has recorded a debut EP entitled Battle Of Egos, with 7 songs (35 minutes playtime), which was self-released in the early May of 2009.

This EP was awarded Pick of the Month by Greek Metal Hammer in the September 2009 issue and 85% in February’s German Rock Hard. Furthermore, it has received very good reviews at various E-zines and Magazines around the world.

In late September 2009, Winter Crescent went on tour with 4 other bands and they played in 7 major cities. After that, Winter Crescent had their first official video clip for the song "Battle Of Egos part 1" which was produced by "Atheaton Media Center" and reached more than 100.000 views on youTube.

In the summer of 2011 Winter Crescent entered Rock Band 3 for Xbox by having all of the songs from Battle Of Egos in the game.

In 2012 they played in Chania Rock Festival alongside with Grave Digger and other metal acts.

In 2013 singer Nick Spiridakis left the band.

After a long search for a new singer, Winter Crescent finally found one in 2016. His name is Fábio Nunes and he is from Brazil. Furthermore, the band is already in the studio composing vocal lines for their upcoming album that is already recorded. You can listen how his voice sounds like in a re-recorded version of a song from their first EP here.

The 2016 line-up is Fábio Nunes: Vocals, Alexis Ktistakis: Guitar, Thanos Sgouridis: Bass, Giorgos Ktistakis: Drums.

You can still purchase Battle Of Egos from here or here, and you should, it's one great slab of Prog Metal folks!!

SLACK BASTARDS [2016] Slacks A.D.

Slack Bastards was conceived in 1993 in California. After a few line up changes and and a long hiatus, Scot decided to resurrect the band in Tucson. With local Musicians, Travis, Chris and James he found a full line up to continue where he left off. With a release on My Dad Hits Me Records under their belt and an upcoming show opening up for the Dwarves they are heading to the studio to record some classic tracks as well as some new ones.

Scot - Vocals
Travis - Guitar
Chris - Drums
James - Bass

For full bio:

This is a posthumous release of the original line up. The trax are straight live and were never intended to be released. But they figured what the heck, they are back and they wanted to let you all know where it all began.

01 Phone The Ambulance
02 Sin Alley
03 Hot Rod City
04 Drive-In Love Affair
05 I Don't Wanna
06 Sometime In June

You can purchase this great slab of Old-School Punk-Rock just like I did from here for $2 USD or more and help support nekrodad's band.

And here's a few YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure:

Drive In Love Affair (Old Band)

Sin Alley (Rehearsal - New Band)

Swiney (Acoustic - Scot & Travis)

CRANK COUNTY DAREDEVILS [2016] Kicked In The Teeth (Single)

Crank County Daredevils' brand new single, Kicked In The Teeth, is now available on the CCD store and all major online music services! Featuring artwork by Charlotte-based artist, Rodney Raines.

01 Kicked In The Teeth
02 Love Me Like A Suicide

You can purchase this great single for $1 USD or more from here.


02 - JEFFERSON DUST - The Good In A Man
04 - EATEN BY DOGS - Gallows In Disguise
05 - DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS - When The Well Runs Dry
06 - WRINKLE NECK MULES - Bottomland
07 - DEADMEN'S SUIT - Short Cuts
08 - WILD PONIES - Graveyard Train
09 - TIGER ARMY - Train To Eternity
10 - WESLEY COX BAND - Down I Go
11 - JEMMA NICOLE - Guilty And Free
13 - DEAD BEAT DADDIOS - Belly Tanker Blues
14 - CHET O'KEEFE - Talking Kerrville Blues
16 - WHISKEY MYERS - American Outlaws
17 - DOLLY SHINE - Blackbird
18 - THE WIDOW'S RIDE - Mankind
19 - THE FERAL TREES - The Desert
20 - PSYCHO MUTANTS - Waiting For The Sun

127.22 Mb