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01 - ROLAND KAY-SMITH - Someone Else
02 - BOO RAY - Like A Cigarette
03 - JAVA SKULL - Friendly Fire
04 - TRIGGERTOWN - Mortar And Pestle
05 - JB NELSON - Noise Upstairs
06 - HONKY TONK HUSTLAS - Blood Mountain
07 - THE DIRTY HANKS - The Wife Of Mason Kelly
08 - CODY JINKS - Loud And Heavy
09 - J. TEX & THE VOLUNTEERS - Look Up Look Down
10 - THE PISSMISTERS - I'm Never Gonna Be Rich
11 - CHAD COOKE BAND - Oil Man
12 - NOBODY'S HEROES - Moonshine
14 - THE MYSTIX - Let's Get Started
15 - THE DENNIS BOYS BAND - Late One Night
16 - I SEE HAWKS IN L.A. - Sexy Vacation
18 - LUKE POWERS - Bushy
19 - UNION DUKE - Coffee/Whiskey
20 - UNCLE BEN'S REMEDY - Pedal To The Metal

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Final Dirges To The End Times.

Spread this like the Scourge that it is...

"This programme to stop nuclear by 2020 is just crazy. If there were a nuclear war, and humanity were wiped out, the Earth would breathe a sigh of relief." - James Lovelock

01 - Reverend Walker - Revelation
02 - Black Claw - Upon Their Greedy Demise
03 - Ghostwitch - Chains III
04 - Sons Of Perdition - The Tomb Of Daniel Parker
05 - Cyanna Mercury - The Four Horsemen (Aphrodite's Child Cover)
06 - Jim Strange with The Proud And The Damned - No One
07 - Rotten Possum - Oh Dark Lord
08 - Dead Bronco - Dead Bronco
09 - Reverend Elvis And The Undead Syncopators - Darkworld
10 - Yuma Sun - They Are Gone
11 - Muleskinner Jones - Kathleen
12 - Seuora - Deep & Dark
13 - Hells Fire Sinners - Eye's Go Black
14 - Nomotion - Berlin After War
15 - The Giant Undertow - French Ambassador
16 - Devil's Holler - The Darkness
17 - Slackeye Slim - It Was A Very Good Year (Frank Sinatra Cover)
18 - Dead Soldiers - Ironclad
19 - Captain Catfeesh - Droning In The River
20 - Deadmen's Suit - Misery Train
21 - J. Kowalski & The Ghost Band - Come To Me
22 - Bishop and Atheist - The Altar Of Sleep
23 - Ghostwriter - Sailing (feat. Ralph White)
24 - OldBoy - Inaction Man
25 - Goatswamp Songs - Groundsong
26 - The Mussy Cluves - Funeral Pile
27 - Slate Dump - Disillusionment
28 - EvilMrSod - I'm Gonna Disappear
29 - Bansheerie - Daughters Of The Twilight
30 - Sleepy Eyes Nelson - Trouble Coming My Way
31 - Ages Olde - Arsenic River
32 - The Grindstone Retribution - Crossroads
33 - Lucas Paine - Black Ram Shuffle
34 - The Victor Mourning - Patagonie (with Tim Kerr)
35 - JB Nelson - Beautiful Darkness
36 - The Division Men - Dying To Get By
37 - Uncle Sinner - Oh Death
38 - The Last Surrealist - In The All Consuming Fires Of Sodom And Gomorrah We Make Love
39 - stroszek - when i'm gone (Phil Ochs Cover)
40 - Jeremiah Crow's Insufferable One Man Show - Poor Old Devil
41 - M.M.S. Kaiser - Poison In The Well
42 - Jeremy Gilliland - On Our Way Back Home
43 - River Of Gennargentu - Fire Over The Hill
44 - t.k. bollinger - Till Exhaustion Or Collapse
45 - Jim Dead - Stealing A Mile
46 - Throw Me Off The Bridge - From The Top
47 - Leaked Period - Slide Piano
48 - ☢ - The End

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Founded in 2007, Honky Tonk Hustlas (HTH) is a Montgomery, Alabama-based string band, blending traditional Southern roots music with their own rowdy style of raw, outlaw country. They’ve got a down and dirty, old-school sound with a new, twisted philosophy and the skills to back it up.

HTH is led by T. Junior's gritty, high-lonesome vocals & solid rhythm guitar, accompanied by a rotating cast on electric guitar/mandolin/steel guitar/dobro/fiddle, and anchored by Stemp's slap-style upright bass. They write and perform in a traditional style with punk rock undertones, mixing elements of rockabilly and bluegrass to create their own hellbilly brand of high-octane honky tonk.

Steeped in the sins of the South, these guys are as hard-working as they come. Wrenching out pure country while taking cues from the harder edges of legends like Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash, HTH would make the perfect soundtrack to your next barroom brawl.

1. [2008] Hallways Of The Always

01 - Devil Let Me Be
02 - Livin My Life Alone
03 - Hallways Of The Always
04 - The Path I Tread
05 - Wastin My Time
06 - Fallen Once Again
07 - Torn Between Two
08 - You Ran Me Off
09 - Dark Lost Soul
10 - Stone Cold Heart
11 - Ed's On The Prowl
12 - Cheatin'
13 - Demoniac
14 - Blood Mountain

89.27 Mb

2. [2011] South Of Nashville

01 - South Of Nashville
02 - Drinkin' With My Friends
03 - My Worst Enemy
04 - Long Lonely Road
05 - Buried Alive
06 - Don't Give A Damn
07 - You Were The One
08 - Down And Out
09 - After I'm Gone
10 - Never Gonna Quit
11 - You Can't Go Back
12 - Don't Hold Me Down
13 - Pray I Won't Wake Up
14 - Corporate Man
15 - Death's Cold Sting

109.27 Mb

Crank County Daredevils On Tour With Punk Legend, Cheetah Chrome

Crank County Daredevils will be on tour in September with punk legend, Cheetah Chrome (The Dead Boys).

The tour kicks off with a hometown show in Asheville, NC at The Mothlight on Sunday, September 4, before joining up with Cheetah in Nashville, TN on September 6.

THE PISSMISTERS [2016] The Pissmisters

 The Pissmisters are JB Nelson & The Mussy Cluves.

01. The King Of Chemical Valley
02. Don't Wake Me Up Before Noon
03. If I Can't Have You
04. I'm Gonna Hitchhike Down To Cincinnati And Kick The Shit Outta Your Drunk Daddy
05. I Like To Waste The Day Sleeping
06. I'm Never Gonna Be Rich
07. The Year Is Zero
08. Head In A Noose
09. The Creeping Horror
10. Something Bad Is Gonna Happen

Released June 20, 2016

Free Download

JB NELSON [2015] Plain In Appearance

01 Strange
02 Old Flaws
03 Screech To A Halt
04 Headless Body
05 The Dependent
06 Noise Upstairs
07 Gone Astray
08 Secret Meetings
09 Scared Little People
10 Seclusion

Released July 7, 2015

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Elmo Karjalainen's Second Of Two Q&A Videos... Finally!

A long time ago Elmo asked people to send him whatever questions they might have.

He answered a bunch of them quite soon in the first Q&A video and now has finally answered the rest.

So here it is, the Q&A video number 2, which deals with playing related things: https://youtu.be/POUu1B-OoGc

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Pre-Order For Whiskey Myers New Album 'MUD' Is Available Now!

New album MUD is available everywhere September 9, 2016, but y'all can pre-order exclusive bundles including limited edition vinyls, Yeti Ramblers, and unlimited show passes on PledgeMusic!

Plus, if you pre-order now you'll receive "Lightning Bugs And Rain," "Some Of Your Love," and "Mud" tracks via AccessPass™ which is included with all items!

Whiskey Myers has pledged to fulfill all exclusives by 11 November, 2016 unless otherwise stated.

TRIGGERTOWN [2010] Triggertown

Joe Salvati: Dobro, Ben Gotschall: Guitar, Andy "Ringo" Witkowski: Banjo, Brad Kindler: Washtub Bass, Terry McGinn: Fiddle

Triggertown’s music is impossible to pigeonhole.

“People will say we’re a bluegrass band, which we’re not,” said Ringo, a former punk rocker who plays the banjo. “We’re not out there to outpick the pickers. We’ve had people call us a country band, and we’re not that either. It’s four people in an old-timey band and one guy playing washtub in a punk rock band.”

That’s getting close. But Triggertown doesn’t really fit into any category.

The dobro, a resonating acoustic slide guitar played on the lap, adds a twangy country dimension to the Triggertown sound. But it is a relatively new instrument, so Triggertown can’t be called an old-time string band.

There’s no mandolin or Bill Monroe songs, so Triggertown isn’t a bluegrass band.

Its old fiddle tunes, ancient Appalachian murder ballads and early 20th-century labor-organizing anthems have nothing whatsoever to do with the slick pop currently coming out of Nashville under the label of country music.

The band’s do-it-yourself philosophy and populist attitude comes out of ’80s/early ’90s punk rock. But nothing in the music comes from the Maximum Rock ’n’ Roll school of noise.

Ask the members of Triggertown to describe their music and no label emerges. Instead, it starts a discussion.

“It’s three chords and all heart,” said fiddle player Terry McGinn, who picked up the old fiddle tunes while at graduate school in Alabama. “It’s folk music that touches people. … People who don’t like loud music can tap into it. That’s why you see such a range of people at our shows.”

“Punk rock is three chords; it’s accessible music,” Ringo said. “The transition from punk rock to folk music is so fluid.”

“It’s comfort food for the ear,” said dobro player Joe Salvati.

“Lyrically, it’s very honest,” said Brad Kindler, who moved from punk rock drummer to the washtub bass. “It’s also very progressive. … People who are into punk rock can hear that.”

Triggertown got its start in October 2007 when McGinn was introduced to Ringo and Kindler, then Ben Gotschall was added on guitar. The band’s first show was in a house near 25th and Vine streets. The first paid engagement came at the Hungry Horse Saloon in Erickson, a small town northeast of Burwell.

“We played three hours unamplified,” said Gotschall, whose Sandhills connections got the band the gig. “We were yelling across the bar. … At one point, there was a fistfight. Everybody left the bar except one drunk guy who was passed out on the bar. Then they all came back  in. We had people standing and watching us later with bloody towels on their faces.”

“And the best part of it,” Kindler added, “is we ended up sleeping in a horse barn.”

Gotschall, who milks cows during the day and teaches writing at night at Nebraska Wesleyan University, is also the guy who brought the name to the band.

The moniker has nothing to do with guns, seemingly the obvious referent. Rather, it comes from “The Triggering Town” by Montana poet Richard Hugo, whose writing philosophy is to let observations become the basis for poems about something deeper and richer than simple description.

Salvati joined the band early this year and Triggertown gelled.

Live, the band is irresistible, with McGinn and Ringo swapping lead vocals like June Carter and Johnny Cash, Salvati’s dobro sliding in and out, Gotschall’s guitar keeping the rhythm and Kindler bouncing up and down working the single string on the washtub at center stage.

And they’re at home almost anywhere they can set up to play.

“We can play unamplified,” McGinn said. “That’s something a lot of bands can’t do. We can play anywhere. We don’t have to be tethered.”

To that end, Triggertown has played a show on the bank of the Platte River and opened for Tommy Ramone’s Uncle Monk in a farmhouse living room outside Ashland. And practice is no problem — just find a spot for Kindler’s washtub, grab a chair for Salvati and get to work.

Triggertown has a handful of original songs with titles like “Milk Pail,” “Georgia Girls” and, in Ringo’s words, “our piece de resistance” — “Drinkin’ Hard.”

Those tunes come together through what McGinn calls “the folk process,” a collaborative endeavor in which each band member has input regardless of who brings in the basics that start the song.

“People will come in with a song and the band will work on it,” Gotschall said. “Some of them become band songs, some of them stay solo. But they’re all Triggertown songs. Somebody will bring in lyrics and the music kind of follows.”

And, to add one more element to its influences, it’s taking some of its philosophy from Chuck D., the leader of Public Enemy, whom Triggertown members heard give a talk during 2007.

“He thinks it’s realistic for a band to play regionally and be successful and be happy,” McGinn said. “I definitely see we can be regional, be successful and be happy.” - sourced from here.

01. Heaven And Hell
02. Dill Twang
03. Distant Land To Roam
04. No Dick
05. Drinkin' Hard
06. Grace Ann
07. Home Before Dark
08. Mortar And Pestle
09. 40 Acres And A Mule
10. Pocket Full Of Peaches
11. Railroad Town
12. Let Me Fall
13. Single Girl
14. Old Buck
15. The Island


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LIGHTNING RAIDERS [2013] Sweet Revenge

01 - Sweet Revenge
02 - Rowdies
03 - Addiction
04 - Soul Rescue
05 - Criminal World
06 - Citizens
07 - Disguises
08 - Made In Japan
09 - Psychedelic Musik
10 - Views

Tracks: 01-08 Produced by Will Reid Dick
Bonus Tracks: 09 & 10 Produced by Steve Jones
Vocals: Gass Wild (01-08), John Hodge (09), Andy Allan (10)

Remastered compilation album featuring unreleased debut album tracks (01-04,7,8) and previously released singles tracks (5,6,9,10).

Bonus tracks 09 & 10 digitalized from the 1980 7" single as no master tape could be found.

Lightning Raiders were an English Punk n Roll/Pub Rock Band, formed in August 1977 by John Hodge (aka Little John): Lead Guitar, Andy Allan: Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals (Ex Pink Fairies), Duncan Sanderson: Bass/Backing Vocals (ex-Pink Fairies), Jorge Panchito: Drums/Percussion, and Michael Wilding: Saxophone.

On 31 March 1980, a lineup including John Hodge: Lead Guitar, Andy Allan: Bass, Paul Cook: Drums, and Steve Jones: Guitar released a 7" single, "Psychedelic Musik b/w Views”", on Arista Records. The two members of the Sex Pistols were never official members of the band - they were repaying a debt to Andy Allan who played bass on the Sex Pistols single, "Silly Thing".

In the next line-up, formed in November 1980, by John Hodge and Duncan Sanderson they were joined by Gass Wild (Lead Vocals, who later drummed with Johnny Thunders and also the Chrissie Hynde Band), Bruce Irvine (Rhythm Guitar, later with Sean Tyla's Tyla Gang) and George Butler (Drums/Percussion, ex Kilburn & The High Roads).

This lineup was very popular on the club circuit, playing in various clubs such as Dingwalls, the Marquee Club, the Music Machine, The Venue, and many more, often with support from heavy rock trio Killerhertz consisting of Hugo Mallett (guitar) Doug McArthur (bass) and former Chelsea drummer Marc Rathbone. Another support act for the Raiders were long haired glam boys Kitsch (under the same management as the Raiders). Kitsch bass player Paul Raven went on to join London cult band, Killing Joke. The Lightning Raiders along with Killerhertz and former Raider Andy Allan, (Andy Allan's Future) performed at the 1981 Stonehenge Free Festival.

In 1981, this lineup, now signed with Island Records put out "Criminal World b/w Citizens" under the Revenge Records label. They then entered the Who's Ramport Studios and recorded tracks for the Will Reid Dick produced LP Sweet Revenge and Island Records (also under the Revenge label) released a four song 12" EP which included "Sweet Revenge", "Rowdies", "Addiction", and "Soul Rescue" from these sessions as a promotional preview of the forthcoming LP, only to find out during December 1981 and half way through the recording sessions that the direction of Island Records had changed and that they were no longer considered part of the plan and were dropped by the label, making the soon deleted Sweet Revenge EP very rare.

Little John Hodge left the band in February 1982, and went on to record briefly with Chelsea and play live with Lena Zavaroni in her fathers Kilburn pub. The remaining members continued for a time, but by the end of 1982, the Lightning Raiders had called it a day. Duncan Sanderson and George Butler played with Larry Wallis in a series of bands during the early '80s, until the reformation of the Pink Fairies and, later, The Deviants at which point George Butler was replaced by Russell Hunter (original Pink Fairy/Deviant). Little John Hodge recorded & performed with Bert Jansch for his final record 'Edge Of A Dream' which included the Hodge song 'La Luna' inspired by Aleister Crowley. Jansch repaid the favour by appearing on Hodge's solo CD 'La Luna' as 2nd guitarist on a number of tracks.

Johnny Hodge died at home in Camden Town in 2012 having visited New York to reunite with Gass Wild for two short 'Lightning Raiders' gigs, airing songs from a 2nd unheard LP, with guest American musicians filmed by old friend and ex Pink Fairies roadie Joly (founder of Better Badges) resident of NYC. Gass Wild fronts a NYC band called The Love Pirates, a name borrowed from the Larry Wallis band of the 80s. The visit was intended to promote forthcoming documentary Lost Rockers, in which Lemmy (of Motörhead) praises the Lightning Raiders (bassist Sandy recalls they were not always welcomed by Motörhead fans who threw spark plugs at the band mid-set, hitting the hapless Sandy in the testicles!). Andy Allan has been active playing with folk combo Hank Dogs, releasing two CDs and touring with the likes of Joan Baez. George Butler continues to drum with a number of bands, notably the Dirty Strangers, around the Ladbroke Grove area. Duncan Sanderson is currently playing with the re-born Deviants.

The 2013 release of a truncated version of the Lighting Raiders 'lost' album, Sweet Revenge, has given them a posthumous recognition which eluded them beyond a cult level during their lifespan. Often thought of as a 'poor mans Pink Fairies' due to the presence of bassist Duncan Sanderson, they were in fact a tight and original act in their own right, a fact only now being recognized by the wider public.

72.03 Mb

Huge thanks to nekro for his original post and being cool with this re-post.

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Mal McBeath, Jim Carden, Hugh Martin

The Dead Beat Daddios are based in Mebourne, Australia. They play a blend of guitar driven alt-country and melodic blues based pop, with lashings of vocal harmonies and solid grooves to get even the laziest toes tapping.

With nods to Gram Parsons, The Band, Wilco and The Stars among others their music draws on a lifelong love of great songwriting.

Having suffered their fair share of slings and arrows and some outrageous fortune, the Daddios draw on personal experience and keen observation for their character driven, story based material on love, loss and the cycle of life.

The Daddios formed in 2010 as a three-piece around the songwriting team of Jim Carden and Hugh Martin with ace bassist Magic Mal McBeath doubling on production duties.

After years of playing with Melbourne names such as Overnight Jones and The Warner Brothers, Jack Howard, Lisa Miller, Neil Murray, Paul Cumming and The T-Bones the trio felt the urge to strike out on their own.

Their debut album, Dashboard Elvis, received critical acclaim on release in early 2011 and was picked up by ABC612 and 4ZZZ supported by extensive gigging around SE Queensland.

The Dead Beat Daddios are:

Malcolm McBeath played bass with the Warner Brothers and Overnight Jones and was a one of Melbourne’s most in-demand session bassmen, playing with people like Joe Camilleri amongst others.

Jim Carden was the original drummer with the Warner Brothers before joining Melbourne alt-country band the T-Bones where he and Hugh played together for many years.

Hugh Martin played bass and guitar with a number of other bands in Melbourne, including the Bootless and Unhorsed, a short lived outfit led by Paul Cumming, aka Elroy Flicker.

1. [2011] Dashboard Elvis

Melodic grooves and country rock stylings charting an array of grand (or not so grand) male obsessions and their consequences.

01 Belly Tanker Blues
02 It Had To Be Done
03 Just Can't Get Angry With You
04 House For Sale
05 Incoming Call
06 If That's What It Takes
07 Map 58
08 Flatline
09 Swamp Chicken Boogie
10 Common Ground
11 Lost
12 He's Got A Way With Women

Name Your Price Download

2. [2015] Third Time Around EP

Following 2011’s Dashboard Elvis they moved back to their hometown of Melbourne and immediately set about playing with a range of other bands and players. But they couldn’t ignore the call of the Daddios, so over a couple of weekends they sneaked this 5-track EP out between lunch and dinner.

01 Third Time Around
02 Box Of Moonlight
03 Fragile Truce
04 Homegrown Suburban Blues
05 A Little Love

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THE DIRTY HANKS [1990] Hanks A Lot

‘New’ Australian Country Band, The Dirty Hanks, were legends on the live scene; and dominated country music in Melbourne in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

They attracted a large ‘cult’ following, in particular, through their marathon seven year Saturday residency at the Prince Patrick Hotel, Collingwood and Thursdays at the Prince Of Wales, St Kilda.

The Dirty Hanks were often broadcast and written about, played at numerous festivals and benefits, undertook a couple of tours of Sydney and won the Victorian Country Music Awards.

01 Let Me Get My Message Down
02 The Wife Of Mason Kelly
03 In Between
04 Grown Out Of The Habit
05 I Started To Forget

Free Download

released June 21, 1990

Paul Cumming - Lead, Steel and Acoustic Guitars
Vivienne Gay - Vocals
Nigel Harford - Bass and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Lance O'Reilly - Violin (R.I.P. -passed away January 2015)
Leonie Sheedy - Drums
Gordon Stooke - Vocals, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars.

And here's a bunch of YouTube videos recorded from their performance on 23 December 1989 at the Prince Patrick Hotel, Collingwood for you:

Let Me Get My Message Down
The Wife Of Mason Kelly
I Started To Forget
Bury Me

Shadow Windhawk: Limited Edition "Cremation Garden" T-Shirt w/ Artwork by Joel Robinson

With Halloween season fast approaching, Black Flame Records is proud to release this all new Shadow Windhawk t-shirt collaboration with Scream Factory cover artist, Joel Robinson!

This phantasmagoric artwork, hand painted for the cover of "Cremation Garden" on 12" vinyl, is screenprinted with the highest quality around on Gildan heavy-weight t-shirts (with tear-off tags).

Limited to an edition of 100.

This is by far the most impressive design they've released to date.

Sure to sell out during pre-order! Get your claws on one today.



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The Dramatic Southern Sound Is A Gritty And Authentic Follow Up To Six Weeks In A Motel

“This record by Boo Ray, sounds like Hoppin’ John on New Year’s Day. Nothin’ but good luck all the way” – John Hiatt

Hailing from the mountains of North Carolina, Boo Ray is a southern troubadour who has forged & honed his sound in South Georgia honky-tonks, Gulf Coast jukes, Nashville Nightclubs and Los Angeles songwriting joints.

Sea Of Lights is his third studio album and the follow up to 2013’s critically acclaimed, Six Weeks In A Motel and 2010’s Bad News Travels Fast. Produced by Noah Shain, Sea Of Lights was recorded live to 2” tape at Shain’s White Buffalo Studio in downtown Los Angeles with an All–Star band. “We recorded it straight to tape on the Ampex tape machine from The Quonsett Hut Studio that recorded Dylan’s Nashville Skyline and the Nashville era Cash Records,” explains Ray.

With Boo Ray on vocals and guitar, the recording band consisted of Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) on drums, Paul Ill (Christina Aguilera) on bass, Sol Philcox-Littlefield (Jake Owen) on guitar, Dallas Kruse on Hammond B3, Smith Curry (Taylor Swift) on pedal steel and twin brothers Todd and Troy Gardner on background vocals. “Recording this new album with a close group of LA friends and Sol Philcox was a blast,” said Boo Ray, “I lived in LA from 2005-2008 and worked with Steve, Paul and Noah on a few different things and we’ve been talking about recording an album like this for years. I think it’s kind of interesting that a couple of Englishmen (Ferrone, Sol) are such a big part of my particular country-fried sound.”

Noah Shain has masterfully captured Boo Ray's sound, conjuring a classic Muscle Shoals session; drums stout and close, round hollow bass, guitars growlin' and warm wailin' vocals. His vocal style and his voice as a songwriter are powerful, unassumingly sophisticated and uniquely his own. The new Boo Ray album, Sea Of Lights, is a songwriter's champion, a trucker's soundtrack and an analog aficionados delight.

Boo Ray’s last two albums and now Sea Of Lights have found a home on Sirius XM’s “Outlaw Country”. Country artists Carolin Aiken and Germany’s Jolina Carol recorded songs from Six Weeks In A Motel. Boo Ray has tours with Kevin Kinney (Drivin’ N Cryin’) and Laney Strickland under his belt, but is packing houses for himself while touring for Sea of Lights regionally in the Southeast.

His dramatic southern sound will draw you in, his voice will have you hanging on every lyric and his songs will stick with you like a good friend does. Boo Ray is a southern troubadour who has forged & honed his sound in South Georgia honky-tonks, Gulf Coast jukes, Nashville nightclubs & Los Angeles songwriter joints.

“Sea Of Lights is important to me,” Boo Ray explains. “I’ve been working with these guys for ten years doing one-offs and single-track jobs, and we’re all great friends. We got together and cut this new record live-to-tape, everybody standing in the room together with sound baffles & Persian rugs as isolation. We cut 10 songs in 2 days and just had a damned ball doing it!  I’m not writing to impress the aficionados or experts. It’s a trucker album, it’s a party album, and I hope it’s a good album to play cards to and a good road trip album.”

“The song simultaneously recalls hallowed rock stylings of artists like The Doors and a classic outlaw country sound.” - THE SHOTGUN SEAT

“For those of you loving the music Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell are putting out, you should get familiar with the name Boo Ray.”--WHISKEY RIFF

Now based in Nashville Boo Ray is set to release his new album, Sea Of Lights on Friday, August 12th and will have several dates in Colorado to promote the record (details here).

01. Redneck Rock & Roll
02. Sea Of Lights
03. Bad News Travels Fast
04. A Melody, Some Guitars & A Rhyme
05. Chickens
06. I Got The Jug
07. Keep That Hammer Down
08. Emmaline
09. One More Round
10. Johnny's Tavern

This album is bloody great, top quality twang you're getting here folks, Sea Of Lights will not disappoint and you'll be doing yourself a huge disservice by not purchasing this great album.

You can pre-order Sea Of Lights for $8.99 USD from here or here.

The Sea Of Lights Single was released June 17 and can be purchased for $0.99 USD from here or here.

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Elmo Karjalainen's Second Of Two Q&A Videos... Almost!

Elmo finally got around to doing something about the second Q&A video. The first one was quite some time ago, but he hasn't really had time to do the second part.

This one is just an answer to one question (which is why it's 'almost'), namely what his guitar rig is like.

The guitar rig he uses live (for now), contains a Strat, a Marshall head and cab (with Celestion Greenbacks), an Axe-FX II, a Morley Bad Horsie 2 wah, a Fender YJM Overdrive, and a Shure wireless.

It's a shortish video with him talking and showing what he uses live, and then playing a bit.

You can find it here: https://youtu.be/o6u4pNl0ZZs

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


01 - GLOSSARY - Gasoline Soaked Heart
02 - ROBERT REX WALLER JR. - Albuquerque
03 - THE CIVIL WARS - Barton Hollow
04 - THE DOOBIE BROTHERS - Black Water
05 - DICK SMILEY - Dixie Of My Own
06 - THE LAST HOMBRES - San Remo
07 - THE RIPTONES - Gone To Seed
08 - HACIENDA BROTHERS - No Time To Waste
09 - THE SADIES - Mother Of Earth
10 - THE DIVORCEES - Saltwater Cowboy
11 - BURRITO DELUXE - Encino
12 - THE BROTHERS COMATOSE - The Way The West Was Won
13 - CHRIS GAFFNEY - Road To Indio
14 - HOWLING WILLIE CUNT - Cunts On Roads
17 - THE CACTUS BROTHERS - Crazy Heart
18 - THE PALADINS - Mercy
20 - THE TONY MONTANAS - Brucia La Terra

91.28 Mb



Smoke-Filled Swinging Burlesque Blues-Trash

Java Skull will drag you into a smoke-filled room, where an ancient love for slow blues riffs and raw power always will flourish. The band is Marco Burro and Uncle Jakob, who know their garage rock like the back of their hands, which is obvious on every track they share.

Cool as a mother fucker singer Marco Burro howls and whispers about evil women, deceit and decay, while rim shot grooves from drummer Onkel Jakob underline the many moods of the duo’s swinging burlesque Blues-Trash.

Java Skull founded after the break-up of The Untamed in 2012, and have already played tours in Finland and Sweden, played the Gutter Island Garagerock Festival.

With healthy sources of inspiration, like Tom Waits and The Cramps, the band embraces old virtues of simple and effective song writing, power over perfectionism, and most of all: no bullshit, just music.

1. [2013] The Devil's Looking For You

If you're looking for jungle drums, dirty guitar-riffs, songs about liars, cheats, loose women, horrible places, lost love and necessary evils, this is the record for you. Songsmith Marco Burro and his long-time sidekick Oncle Jakob, has yet again delivered a collection of strong songs with catchy hooks and mean riffs.

You know you must have it! If you can't afford to buy it, steal it!

01 Bullshit Blues
02 Grave Digger
03 Velvet Claws
04 Promises
05 Oubliette
06 Shithole Hotel
07 The Devil's Looking For You
08 Friendly Fire

46.50 Mb

2. [2015] Let´s Escape/A Town Called Oblivion (Single)

01 Let´s Escape
02 A Town Called Oblivion

14.25 Mb

Monday, August 1, 2016


"The guys in the band are probably really affable dudes who like a beer or two before re-watching The Evil Dead." - Wallace Wylie Collapse Board

Undead Apes are a punk band with feeling...

A feeling like a chainsaw through the guts! Their savage thumping and aggressive guitar rhythms are reminiscent of the Hard-Ons with a hard on. Forming in Brisbane Australia during 2003, they have been touring and playing now for almost 15 years and are now at the forefront of Brisbane punk.

1. [2010] Grave Consequences

01 Eat Yr Brain
02 Everyday
03 Lobotomy
04 Taxes
05 The Thing
06 ESP
07 Bitter
08 Brain Sell
09 True Love
10 Jason
11 Hypothermia

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2. [2011] Killed By Deaf

01 Brain Drain
02 Death Can Wait
03 Knuckledraggin Skulls
04 Filibuster
05 Hot For Creature
06 Ampersand's Turd
07 Executive Relief
08 Lost In Space
09 Omega Man
10 Radioactive
11 Stamp Out Thatcher
12 Serotonin Shogun
13 Baby I'm Undead
14 Walking Grudge

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3. [2013] Pick Your King EP

01 99 Lead Balloons
02 Bryan Ferry
03 Teenage Sleeper Agent
04 Rhetorical Cats
05 Bitter Guy (UK Surf)

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4. [2016] Landfill

Well most bands would probably do a whole lot of promo, maybe release a teaser track, hint at something coming etc etc before releasing a new album, but not this band! New Undead Apes album Landfill is ready to be gotten now. Landfill will only be made available on CASSETTE and as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Analogue hiss or digital tinniness – the choice is yours!

LANDFILL sees UNDEAD APES laying bare the false dichotomies at the heart of rock'n'roll by being both smarter AND stupider, uglier AND prettier, punker AND unpunker than ever before. Brutal riffs and breakneck tempos or heartfelt love songs and catchy melodies? BOTH! Shouted monosyllabic gibberish or treatises on the inherent redundancy of masculinity? BOTH!

LANDFILL also touches on such time-honoured lyrical themes as astrophysics, recreational use of embalming fluid, tofu, communist brainwashing of youth via rock'n'roll, and affairs of the heart.

01. _
02. Funeral Home
03. Teenage Sleeper Agent
04. Get Low
05. Brain Disease
06. TxOxFxU
07. 99 Lead Balloons
08. Rhetorical Cats
09. Pluto's Not A Planet Anymore
10. Last Time
11. Bummer Vibes
12. Girl In Town
13. Bitter Guy
14. The Peachy Method
15. Planet Dumb

Pre-Order Landfill Limited Edition Cassette! $10 AUD or more

Get the download now! Cassette ships on or around the 11th of August 2016.

Pre-Order Landfill Limited Edition Cassette! Pickup at Sonic Masala! $10 AUD or more

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Digital Album! $7 AUD or more

Released June 14, 2016