Friday, March 10, 2017

Blue Collar Criminals - Broken Hearted Songs, For Bitter Minded Drunks, H8-Piece Records, 2017 (Review)

Blue Collar Criminals - Broken Hearted Songs, For Bitter Minded Drunks, H8-Piece Records, 2017 (Review)

Every now and then there is band you end up hearing about, And all though they are different than you. There are things that make you feel like they are old friend's. And that you walk shoulder to shoulder with them, hand and hand to fight the good fight known as life.

Well, Tucson Az's Blue Collar Criminals are that band for me. I first became aware of them through a friend of mine here in Tucson Mr. Jeff Swiney of My Dad Hits Me Records. He gifted me 2 CD's and I instantly fell in love with their music.

After that I sought front-man and all around nice guy Mike Villalobos out on low and behold Facebook. We quickly became acquainted and struck up a friendship. Mike had informed me B.C.C. was working on new material and there would be a all new release in early 2017.

Well, let's fast forward a bit now, I can go on for day's about things. So it's now Feb 2017 and the brand new B.C.C. CD drops. I meet up with Mike to pick up my copy of this new disc "Broken Hearted Songs, For Bitter Minded Drunks". And well basically nothing I could say or think of was going to get me ready to blast this fucker.

I popped the disc in my CD player in my truck and headed home when the disc started off with the usual B.C.C. Type intro, then right out of fucking left field the intro switched up on me. And one of the best intro's to any album I own hit my ear's. I knew from the chills running up my spine that this disc was going to be a good one.

Needles to say I played this whole disc all the way home that day. then as it ended I had to drive some more to hear it again. This is one of them disc you just can't get enough of. Some of my picks on this 12 song disc are: "Sid Hatfield, Hold On (Bonecrusher Cover), Same Old Road, Maybe The One, Bitter".

There is absolutely something for everyone here. So many people have asked me what thew disc sound like. All I say is well it sounds like the B.C.C. I'm not going to tell ya what I think it sounds like. Why you ask, well cause I think you should snatch up a copy and think for yourself on it.

I will tell ya this it's most def for fans of Oi, Punk and just good old Rock n Roll. Don't let this disc pass ya by folk's. It's just too damn good for that. I swear that if you have any passion in your heart this music is for you.

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  1. Thanks for this review. I'm checking them out on Spotify right now and really digging the album a lot.


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