Monday, March 6, 2017

DOG HAND STRING BAND [2017] Tooth n Nail EP

Hailing from Leeds, UK and forming in late 2015, then placed on feared permanent hiatus, due to the banjo player's hand gettin 'bit off by a damn mutt'. The band, consisting mainly of members of Bootscraper, Jake and the Jellyfish, Bad Knaves and China Shop Bull, forthwith dubbed themselves Dog Hand String Band. Now they're back with working fingers, ravenous hunger, righteous ire and sinister new powers.

What is a dog hand? Poison soaked murder ballad, backwoods bluegrass, horror folk. Liquor, corruption and bad juju. Imbibe at own risk.

01 Intro/Blood Moon Blues
02 Threw You In The Well
03 Aristabano Mountain Bar
04 Gin Shop Hollow
05 Long Live The Dead
06 Behold The Crow

"Tooth n Nail" was recorded entirely live in a mere 2 hours, no money, no edits, no bullshit, representing the awful cacophony you'll see live. Mixed by the band's idiot banjo player/singer and mastered on the promise of a place to stay to bide out the coming apocalypse. This is the first Dog Hand. There is another on its way. Free to download. Due dirt for true devils.

Released February 7, 2017

Free Download
Alternate Free Download
Name Your Price Download

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