Monday, March 6, 2017

STEVE HOPHEAD [2015] Old Stories EP

Stephan Imobersteg is Steve Hophead.
Steve Hophead is Stephan Imobersteg.

Home brewed Roots’n’Blues, roasted in the Northwest and brewed in the Alps is Steve Hophead's brand. With an open mind and ear the Swiss songwriter collects old and new pieces of music on his travels through Ireland, Scotland and the USA. At home in Frutigen in the heart of the mountains he creates melodies, stories and emotions with Guitar, Dobro, Harp and Irish-Bouzouki. Folk, Blues and Rock are the ingredients that Hophead uses to form his Roots music.

01 Runaway
02 Lean
03 Let It Flow
04 Sleep Well Silence

A collection of oldies:
"Runaway" and "Sleep Well Silence" taken from Stephan Imobersteg's "The Only Other Items EP"
"Lean" and "Let It Flow" taken from EvilMrSod & Stephan Imobersteg's "Vulcano Firefighters"

Released November 26, 2015

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