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The Young Werewolves are a Philadelphia rock band formed in 2002. The trio have been labeled rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, garage, and surf by publications such as Allmusic, Fangoria, The Village Voice, Maximum RocknRoll, assorted Horror, Tattoo, Hot Rod magazines, several alternative weeklies and international fanzines.

The trio met after guitarist Nick Falcon posted ads on the internet and in music shops searching for "musicians interested in forming a band with a sound like The Ramones-meets-Buddy Holly at a Beef-and-Beer. All greasers please apply." Attracting attention from the underground press and steady airplay on specialty radio have enabled a frequent touring schedule.

In 2004 their music was licensed for broadcast on the fifteenth season of MTV's popular reality television series The Real World based in Philadelphia. AMC licensed music from the band for broadcast during the network's annual Monsterfest programming during Halloween season in 2007. In 2011 Showtime used The Young Werewolves’ music during an episode of Shameless starring William H. Macy. USA Network and Spike TV have also incorporated music from the band in Burn Notice and Blue Mountain State respectively.

Their second full-length recording, Cheat The Devil, was released in 2008. Sid Haig is the executive producer and is featured on the cover artwork. He also provides the introductory narration on the track Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Their third recording, Sins Of The Past was released in 2010 and included saxophones. In 2015 VH1 listed The Young Werewolves as a defining band within the Horror Rock genre.

1. [2004] The Young Werewolves

01 Evil Soul
02 Zombie Car Chase
03 Blackjack & Roulette
04 Black Cat
05 The Night The Phantom Went To Graceland
06 Wolfabilly Blues
07 Graveyard Of Love
08 Curse Of The Cocaine Mummies
09 Who I Am
10 Dead End Friend
11 I Can't Resist
12 Werewolf Fever
13 Halloween
14 Werewolf Wedding

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2. [2008] Cheat The Devil

01 Hollywood
02 Mischief Night
03 Devil Dancer Girl
04 Cheatin' The Devil
05 Run Away
06 Fire
07 Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
08 Gala Monster Rally
09 Satan's Daughter
10 Touched By A Demon
11 Guns, Guns, Guns
12 Shapeshifter
13 Tattooed Aliens
14 Hungry Like A Werewolf

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3. [2010] Sins Of The Past

01 Twelve Steps To Rock N Roll
02 Good, Bad, Misunderstood
03 Midnight Monster Hop
04 Zombie Prom
05 Dead And Gone
06 In The Shadows
07 Now's The Time
08 The Dreamtime
09 Damned If You Dare
10 Generation Breakdown
11 Rise Or Fall
12 Under The Full Moon
13 Hot Rod Burnin'
14 Rockabilly Lobster

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