Tuesday, April 25, 2017

THE BROADSIDES [2011] Many Fouls and Mishaps EP

The Broadsides is a alt-country band from Auckland, New Zealand formed in 2009. Their music contains elements of hillbilly, outlaw country, gospel, Americana, gothic country, bluegrass, gypsy and rock ‘n roll.

 While each of these sub-genres appeals to a niche audience, The Broadsides have found a way to unify these genres into a unique sound, which is defining feature of The Broadsides. Audiences recognise the type and meaning of the music from old family records and movies.

The original songs are about love, loss, redemption, and the influence of hostile landscapes on our psyche and belief in God. The Broadsides stick with the country music tradition of storytelling and developing a strong connection with the audience.

The band consists of five members: Alan Meharry (vocals, rhythm and slide guitar), Etienne Harris (double bass), Dave Khan (violin, guitar, dobro and mandolin), Dave Ward, (banjo and guitar), Ben Michelson (drums).

01 - The Love And The Loss
02 - Get Down
03 - Oh My Lover
04 - Billy Bible And The Beast Boy

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  1. Hey, nice review of the best band I have ever had the honor to perform and write songs with. Sadly, the band disbanded, when their doghouse player relocated to his home country, due his mother suffering from Alzheimers disease. They continued after he left, but collectively that the energy was never going to be the same.

    The band still stays in contact and there has been whispers of a reunion...

    1. Glad you liked the post Etienne, but if truth be told the review came with the purchase from cdbaby :)

      That is indeed sad that the band disbanded but kudos to you for putting your mother's well-being before that of the band's.

      One can hope that these whispers of a reunion develop into a shout.

      On a side note the EP "Bring Me Love" that the band also released in 2011, I can't find for purchase in any format anywhere whatsoever, you or anyone else able to help out with this??


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