Monday, May 29, 2017

SVB PRESENTS - The Music That Ate My Brain

SVB PRESENTS - "The Music That Ate My Brain"

01. DGENERATION - Apocalypse Kids
02. ALICE COOPER - Teenage Lament '74
 03. NYMPHS - Imitating Angels
04. HELLO DISASTER - Make Up Your Mind
05. MAD PARADE - God Bless America
 06. RON ASHTON - Down On The Street
 07. DIE HUNNS - Animals
 08. LIZZY BORDEN - Give  'Em The Axe
09. FREEZE - Wired to Lose
10. BELFEGORE - All That I Wanted
 11. MANIC HISPANIC - Tio's Got a Secret
 12. RICHARD BACCHUS - Age of Confusion
 13. DESTORY ALL MONSTERS - You're Gonna Die
 14. BAD LUCK CHARMS - One Man's Ruin
 15. JESSE MALIN - Addicted
 16. SEX PISTOLS - No Feelings
 17. BRIAN JAMES - Ain't That A Shame
 18. S.W.A.T. - In the Ghetto
 19. LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH - I Never Believed
 20. THE QUAKES - Ready For A War

All Tracks Selected By NekroDad, May, 2017. 
320kbs, MP3  



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