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Blue Love Monkey is the performing identity of singer / songwriter Rick Nafey. Rick began playing guitar and harmonica in the early '60's, listening to the folk and blues music of Reverend Gary Davis, Muddy Waters, Dave Van Ronk and John Lee Hooker. He developed his guitar style drawing from the genre crossing explorations of John Fahey and Sandy Bull. In 1964, Nafey and protégé Billy Borsey formed Billy & The Kids, a blues-rock group in the Rolling Stones - Kinks vein.

By 1967, Rick was writing songs, inspired by the work of Fred Neil, Mike Heron, Robin Williamson and Michael Hurley. Working at his home studio with Borsey and other friends, Nafey recorded a wildly eclectic collection of original material with influences ranging from The Holy Modal Rounders to George Jones and Tammy Wynette. From these sessions grew a performing band - The Immaculate Conception. In 1970, Borsey moved to the UK and Rick formed a rock group named Stillwater (not the fictional band from the Russell Crowe film "Almost Famous"). The group evolved into a proto jam band and continued performing through 1972.

Nafey and Borsey were together again in 1973 as The Royal Pythons, performing original material as well as folk, country and blues numbers. In '74, Borsey split for San Francisco, changed his name to Willy DeVille and formed Mink DeVille. Rick traveled from New York to Bolinas to Boston, performing solo. In the early 80's he was in southern Connecticut performing with The Mojomatics, a Chicago style blues band. Rick’s musical activity was reduced in the mid '80's, settling down on a ranch in New Mexico.

In 2000, Nafey and DeVille were both living in the Cerrillos Hills of New Mexico and had renewed their musical partnership. Rick had some new songs and with Willy producing, recording sessions began. The result was 'A Crooked Mile', an eclectic mix of electric blues, country and folk. On 2002's 'The Things That I Can't See' EP, Nafey mined his musical roots in folk and Americana styles. Rick spent 2003 writing and recording 'I Ain't Got Time To Die' with 9 original songs showcasing his talents as a multi faceted songwriter and performer. 'Kissin' Booth' was in the final stages of production when Nafey unexpectedly died in his home in New Mexico on October 21, 2005. Completed posthumously, ‘Kissin’ Booth’ was released in 2008.

1. [2001] A Crooked Mile

01 - Dance Hall Girls
02 - Love Is An Outlaw
03 - Vicksburgh Blues
04 - Little Bit Of Rain
05 - Great Speckled Bird
06 - Killin' Jive
07 - Crooked Mile
08 - Stones In My Passway
09 - Sally
10 - What's So Good About It?
11 - Fast Flyer
12 - Shake Sugaree
13 - Suki

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2. [2003] I Ain't Got Time To Die

01 - Promises
02 - Hey Chief
03 - Silky Legs
04 - Your Song
05 - What Am I Gonna Do?
06 - Children Of Darkness
07 - The Dance
08 - Mad Monks
09 - Dr. Strange
10 - Love Is Strange
11 - Lifer's Blues

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3. [2008] Kissin' Booth

01 - Dreams
02 - Mexican Blue Moon
03 - Bump In My Groove
04 - Lilly's Daddy's Caddy
05 - Fandango
06 - Song Without A Name
07 - Don't Push A Woman
08 - Terminal
09 - Honest
10 - Cookie
11 - Just Say I Love You
12 - Cream

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