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The band in 1975. From left: Buddy Brayfield, John Dillon, Larry Lee, Mike "Supe" Granda, Randle Chowning, Steve Cash

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils are an American Southern rock/country rock band formed in 1972 in Springfield, Missouri, United States. They are most widely known for their singles "If You Wanna Get To Heaven" in 1974 and "Jackie Blue" in 1975.

The Daredevils are also mentioned in the "Don's Story" chapter of American humorist David Sedaris' book Barrel Fever. Bassist Michael "Supe" Granda has also written a book about the band, It Shined.

It is mentioned in the book about the band "It Shined", by Michael Granda, that the band name was derived from "Cosmic Corn Cob & His Amazing Ozark Mountain Daredevils", a name that John Dillon came up with at a Kansas City "naming party" after the band was told that the name they had previously been using, "Family Tree", was already taken. The band shortened the name because none of the band members at the time wanted to be called "Cosmic Corn Cob", and they did not want the name to sound similar to The Amazing Rhythm Aces.

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1. [1973] The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils is the debut album by the Country rock & Southern rock band The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Sporting a patchwork quilt cover that gave some indication of its eclectic musical content, and spawned the #25 hit single "If You Wanna Get to Heaven", plus many other laid-back originals from the Missouri natives.

01 - Country Girl
02 - Spaceship Orion
03 - If You Wanna Get To Heaven
04 - Chicken Train
05 - Colorado Song
06 - Standin' On The Rock
07 - Road To Glory
08 - Black Sky
09 - Within Without
10 - Beauty In The River

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2. [1974] It'll Shine When It Shines

It'll Shine When It Shines is the second album by the Southern rock/country rock band, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Their debut album was successful enough to give the band the clout to record its sophomore effort, "It'll Shine When It Shines", on the musicians' home turf. For the session, they cut their tracks in the pre-Civil War house that served as their rehearsal space, with Johns and Anderle working from a mobile recording truck parked outside. The homey makeshift setup yielded a loose, organic vibe that invigorated material like Cash's tongue-in-cheek swamp-rocker "E.E. Lawson". This album contains their biggest single, "Jackie Blue", which reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1975. The song brought in by Lee late in the session, was recorded at the insistence of Glyn Johns, who cajoled Lee into altering his original lyrics about a drug-dealing friend into a fond ode to a free-spirited female loner.

01 - You Made It Right
02 - Look Away
03 - Jackie Blue
04 - Kansas You Fooler
05 - It Couldn't Be Better
06 - E. E. Lawson
07 - Walkin' Down The Road
08 - What's Happened Along In My Life
09 - It Probably Always Will
10 - Lowlands
11 - Tidal Wave
12 - It'll Shine When It Shines

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3. [1975] The Car Over The Lake Album (2002 Reissue)

The Car Over The Lake Album is the third album by the Southern country rock band The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, it was named after its cheerfully surreal cover illustration, which was borrowed from a poster advertising one of the band's college gigs. This package originally included a 33⅓ rpm red acetate E.P. record nicknamed The Little Red Record that was only available in the very first pressings of the album. These tracks were included on later CD releases of the album.

01 - Keep On Churnin'
02 - If I Only Knew
03 - Leatherwood
04 - Cobblestone Mountain
05 - Mr. Powell
06 - Gypsy Forest
07 - Thin Ice
08 - From Time To Time
09 - Southern Cross
10 - Out On The Sea
11 - Whippoorwill
12 - Establish Yourself
13 - Time Warp
14 - Journey To The Center Of Your Heart

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4. [1976] Men From Earth (2002 Reissue)

Men From Earth is the fourth album by the Country rock/Southern rock band The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Founding band member Randle Chowning left to go solo after The Car Over The Lake Album and was replaced by Rune Walle in time for "Men From Earth". The album includes a pair of standout Larry Lee tunes, the romantic "You Know Like I Know" and the hard-country "Homemade Wine". As their previous album had contained an EP called The Little Red Record, this release featured the even rarer The Little Red Record 2 that contained two additional songs: "Roscoe's Rule" and "A Dollar's Worth Of Regular". These two tracks were included in the 2002 CD release of the album, along with "Better Days", which had only been released as the B side of their "Jackie Blue" single in late 1974.

01 - Fly Away Home
02 - You Know Like I Know
03 - Breakaway (From Those Chains)
04 - The Red Plum
05 - Mountain Range
06 - Watermill
07 - Noah
08 - It's How You Think
09 - Arroyo
10 - Homemade Wine
11 - A Dollar's Worth Of Regular
12 - Roscoe's Rule
13 - Better Days

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5. [1977] Don't Look Down

Don't Look Down is the fifth album by the Southern rock/Country rock band The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. The band lost another founding member, Buddy Brayfield, gained a new producer David Kershenbaum, and added three new players, including singer/guitarist and longtime pal Steve Canaday, who as owner of the New Bijou had been instrumental in the group's formation. Despite containing "Following The Way That I Feel", one of the strongest pop tunes in their catalogue, Don't Look Down didn't meet sales expectations, and presaged the Ozark Mountain Daredevils' move from A&M Records to Columbia Records.

01 - River To The Sun
02 - Crazy Lovin'
03 - Giving It All To The Wind
04 - The Fox
05 - Backroads
06 - Snowbound
07 - Following The Way That I Feel
08 - Love Makes The Lover
09 - True Believer
10 - Moon On The Rise
11 - Stinghead
12 - Sweetwood
13 - Plainity
14 - Valencia Road

Tracks 12 - 14 are bonus tracks found only on the New Era Productions CD release.

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6. [1978] It's Alive

It's Alive is the sixth album by The Ozark Mountain Dardevils and is a 2-record set recorded live in concert through Missouri and Kansas with the Enactron truck in April 1978. It contains their hits and well known album cuts. It is their final A&M Records release before moving to Columbia Records.

01 - Walking Down The Road
02 - Black Sky
03 - You Know Like I Know
04 - River To The Sun
05 - Satisfied Mind
06 - Fly Away Home
07 - Horse Trader
08 - Following The Way That I Feel
09 - Chicken Train
10 - Ooh Boys (It's Hot)
11 - Homemade Wine
12 - Commercial Success
13 - Jackie Blue
14 - Noah
15 - If You Wanna Get To Heaven
16 - Its All Over Now

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7. [1980] Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Ozark Mountain Daredevils is the seventh album (and second self-titled one) issued by the Southern-fried country-rock group The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. It is their first and only album for the Columbia Records label after having issued six previous albums on A&M Records.

01 - Take You Tonight
02 - Jump At The Chance
03 - Sailin' Around The World
04 - Lovin' You
05 - Tuff Luck
06 - Oh, Darlin'
07 - Empty Cup
08 - Rosalie
09 - Runnin' Out
10 - Fool's Gold

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8. [1990] Now Hear This! ( The Dog's Space Edition)

Unofficial album I made from the 3 albums listed below to avoid duplication of tracks.

01 - Everywhere She Goes
02 - Heart Of The Country
03 - Lonely Knight
04 - Give 'Em My Number
05 - Fishin' In The Dark
06 - I'm Still Dreamin'
07 - Wilder Days
08 - Turn It Up
09 - Heatin' Up
10 - The River
11 - Love Is Calling
12 - True Love
13 - Over Again
14 - Hilltop Girls
15 - There Oughta Be A Law
16 - Gonna Buy Me A Car
17 - Flame Of Laredo
18 - Dreams
19 - Better Days

Tracks 01 - 10 from Heart Of The Country (1987)
Tracks 11 - 13 from Modern History (1989)
Tracks 14 - 19 from Now Hear This! (1990)

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9. [2003] The Lost Cabin Sessions

The Lost Cabin Sessions are the Ozark Mountain Daredevils’ first studio recordings from 1972. To my knowledge these early recordings were first officially released sometime in 2003 off the Varese cd label. The band would go on to become a well known and very successful country pop group similar in sound to the Eagles or the Pure Prairie League. While that sound is a bit commercial and somewhat formula driven, these early recordings represent something a little different. These 18 songs highlight a wonderful group whose sound was caught between the less bluesier aspects of early Little Feat and the astute folk country leanings of the Byrds, circa 1970.

The group had gotten together in the early 70s when Larry Lee and Steve Cash had met John Dillon at a local pizza parlor. At the time Dillon had said to both Cash and Lee “Look, I’m playing in a pizza parlor, they’re not paying me anything but I get to eat and drink all I want,” Lee replied, “Well I will play with you!” Eventually Buddy Brayfield, Randy Chowing and Michael Granda came into the fold. The Ozarks had five strong songwriters who individually brought something new and fresh to the pizza table. Being isolated in the mountains meant that they could only rely on each other for influence. Over a short period of time they would develop into a strong, cohesive unit, whose sound was highly original and roots based. The groups’ strength were their harmonies, songwriting chops, and a unique ability to fuse mountain boogie with both current and traditional country, folk, and pop music. The Lost Cabin Sessions takes 18 of the 28 tracks recorded during this fruitful early period.

This is a terrific disc and probably better than any of the studio albums they would soon release. The performances are superb, the sound is underground country-rock and the playing is lived-in and timeless. sourced:

01 - The Rhythm Of Joy
02 - Lovin' Again
03 - On Our Carousel
04 - Someday Darlin'
05 - Keep On Churnin'
06 - Outside My Country Home
07 - Lost Cabin
08 - You Know Like I Know
09 - Leatherwood
10 - Fly Away Home
11 - Chicken Train
12 - Feelin' Good
13 - Sheriff's Comin'
14 - Walking In The Morning
15 - (I Threw Away) The Chains
16 - Rainbird
17 - Long Time To Here
18 - A Satisfied Mind

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