Friday, September 1, 2017


This blog has come to an end.

Have set up a new blog "Twangsville Revisited" which is to be found HERE.

I also have a private blog "Flac It All" anyone wishing to join, please send me an email (found in my profile) requesting an invite together with a short note about you are.


  1. hello ... The truth is that with this news I am saddened, although I did not enter a long time ago, today I returned to the blog in search of some volumes of "jukedogbox" that I lacked. I really appreciated those songs that you had. If there is any way to get back that material I would be really grateful .. I greet you from the far away Argentina!

    1. All is not lost, the links for the comps are still active and The Dog's Jukebox compilations vols 01 - 37 will be posted at the "Twangsville Revisited" blog some time later today when I get the time to do so.


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